Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Don’t Trust Your Child’s Safety to SelectQuote Insurance

   While credit card data is kept relatively secure, most of the Information Systems team can get at any records in the production database. The woman who threatened to my daughter has access to any of the many personal details you tell your agent, through her position as a programmer for SelectQuote Life. Even though Michelle Tan threatened to harm a little girl, she is apparently beyond reproach. 

    SelectQuote Insurance Services did not see fit to even ask for my version of events. I gave IT Director Ian Kirwan, of Oakland Hills, CA, some names of who or what might corroborate my story.  They were  blown off. If SelectQuote had any reason to believe that my accusations were untrue, they could have heard what I had to stay, and challenged my evidence.

Director Ian Kirwan

    Given their callous attitude towards the safety of children, do you really want to buy your life insurance from SelectQuote? You can trust your agent, but someone down in Information Systems might be mining data for targeted threats or off-loading to the highest bidder. 
    While such data would make for good spam, you can’t assume that the threat isn’t real just because it involves techies. For example, Los Zetas cartel has effective technical capability. They also kill people quite well.
    I’m not doing this just to complain about SelectQuote. I see dangerous behavior being rewarded.  Michelle got additional perks right after the incident involving my daughter.  She received significantly more time working from home than anyone else in IT or Engineering, and later she would be financially rewarded, as well.  Some individuals involved really seem to enjoy harming others, but they are well-compensated for it, too.
    Why wouldn’t they do the same thing to you and yours? You might feel the risk is small, but it is still a differentiator.  Remember, you can get the same policy, at the same price, from another term life broker. Don’t risk your child’s safety.

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