Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

SelectQuote’s Relationship to the Police Scandal

Police Scandal and SelectQuote – Part 2

FBI nails SFPD in SoMa

The San Francisco police are targets of a federal probe into illegal searches and falsified police reports. It is easy to see how this is related to my situation.  A police report was obviously falsified in order to take away my daughter. Testimony in that report simply could not have been said by my daughter at that age.  How does this relate to SelectQuote?

In addition to the slip in a legal brief filed by SelectQuote, there is an issue of timing. That falsified police report occurred shortly after Michelle Tan began speaking of killing my daughter.  About a month later someone was breaking in with the landlord’s keys, in a manner consistent with illegal to is searches performed a couple blocks away, also that year.

This occurred when I had taken off of work, and I was originally scheduled to meet my daughter.  Michelle Tan was privy to that information, through our manager, Darlene Beck.
Recall also that Michelle Tan’s husband, Jong Lee, came into work before all of this. I had never seen him before, funny that the one time he came to SelectQuote was when I had an appointment elsewhere.  I got back just in time to see him leaving with Michelle  He would later get a consulting contract doing part of my job.  My departure was prearranged.  Michelle Tan was rewarded with extra time working from home, and her spouse’s contract.

Jong Lee - rat
Jong Shyan Lee (Michelle Tan’s husband)

Police did not want to investigate that break-in with the landlord’s keys.  Also they sided with Michelle Tan against my little girl, after she threatened my daughter.  I was considered the dangerous one, after I strenuously objected to these threats.  While I was misdirected at first, when I discovered new information the police just ignored it.

It is unclear if the police were bribed into cooperation with the scheme. It was reported then around the time the scandal broke that the police were reviewing their informant policy.  Police informants

are by definition criminals bribed with money or leniency. It’s not like they volunteered to be undercover cops as a hobby.  They are criminals with an incentive to lie.

The San Francisco police were quoted as saying that they were absolutely dependent on these informants.   It’s easy to see the weakness this system.  People at SelectQuote could get details about my life pretending to be friends.  In fact, my manager Darlene Beck told me that she had given Michelle a number of details about my relationship with my wife that weren’t widely known.

Then an informant can feed these true details back with lies, and try to get the police to make false allegations or plant something.  The informant would be a ‘Keyser Slowze‘, lots of details, but it would seem like the police were always one step behind catching me.  This would create pressure to create false evidence.

That would have great appeal to Jong Lee and Michelle Tan – they could seduce American police into acting like China’s, they got to try to kill a little girl (a common practice in their country), and they get rewarded by SelectQuote.
Now, SelectQuote and police are left with the realization that they paid a known criminal to go after a two year old girl.  While Michelle was unsuccessful in that respect, her plot did manage to get my daughter placed in foster care before my case was scheduled to be heard.  No wonder no one wants light shed on this situation.

Should it turn out that the police were behind the break-in, it is also significant.  The prior illegal searches occurred in residential hotels. Because the tenants in these establishments are not well-off, many people will ignore any police misconduct against them.  Most people in San Francisco do rent.  The average San Franciscan might realize this isn’t just happening to ‘other’ people, but to people just like them.

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