Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Loose Ends: Jong Lee

    There are a couple of events that, if explained, could break this situation wide open.  It may be that those who tried to harm my daughter will never have to answer for their crimes, they may have kept it covered too long.  As for SelectQuote’s seeming admission of having a man inside the police, The Department of Justice initiated proceedings against members of the San Francisco Police Department for allegations of corruption a year ago.  It has been alleged that cases beyond the ones mentioned in the news are being looked at, so it is possible that some will be held accountable for their part.
    We still benefit if a strong case can be made against those who threaten children, as it will hamper their search for new victims, and give those whose loved ones are in danger more freedom to respond.  Kansas has announced cuts to education, shortly after news of SelectQuote’s $5,000,000 windfall from that state.  Kansans have a right to know what they’re buying, they’re mortgaging their kids’ future on it.  Also, tenants of Jong Lee, Michelle Tan, or Robert Nobili may wish to consider the possibility of unauthorized intrusion.

Jong Lee

    Michelle Tan’s husband, Jong Lee, was the direct beneficiary of this plot.  Please send an email at if you know of him meeting with anyone at SelectQuote on 12/23/2009.  I am certain on the date, and have record of it.
    I had told Darlene Beck prior to that day that I needed to visit the DMV that afternoon.  When I returned, Michelle Tan was walking out with a balding man.  I’d never seen Michelle leave with anyone before, I worked right next to her, and typically worked later.
    I’m putting up the photo and asking just in case, as lots of things went wrong starting the next month.  Nothing really serious until February, but some people were pointedly avoiding me in January.  I overheard one who did so say “they’ll think we’re helping him.” This was quite unusual, I got along with most people at the office.
    So this could be nothing, but back then it would have taken a lot to get me fired to make room for nepotism.  My innovations were bringing in plenty of money, and I hadn’t yet needed to take large amounts of time off of work as a result of corrupt police falsifying evidence.  If Jong coveted my job, scheming and spreading bull would best be done when I wasn’t there to respond.
    I’ll leave discussion of why the break-in at my apartment could be related to a later date.

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