Girl threatened, subsequent dirty deeds from SelectQuote and cops.

Pearce a Likely Route for Influence Peddling

(John) Enrique Pearce had a broad base of power in San Francisco, and District Six in particular. His machinations as a political consultant at Left Coast Communications showed he was willing to ignore the law to get a client in office.  He also worked in labor law, giving corporations a convenient inside route, while allowing him to circumvent lobbying rules.
Enrique Pearce

There are probably plenty just like him.  He was caught “helping” the elderly vote for his slate in Chinatown, with a stencil for his team.  That team included District Attorney Gascon, who declined to investigate the matter.  He ran puppet independent expenditure committees, circumventing campaign finance limits.  Against tactics like these, opponents probably turn to similar aces up their sleeves.

A shared interest in hurting children could possibly have led SelectQuote to him.  Or his local presence.  He’s managed to keep the Academy of Art out of trouble for taking rent controlled housing off the market.  They are just around the corner from SelectQuote.  He was also involved in putting the Golden State Warriors on the waterfront, a short distance south.

My district supervisor was a roommate of his, and long time client.  My mayor is a long time client.  The District Attorney was on his slate.  Neighborhood big money businesses, represented by him.  A picture emerges of how someone with the cash could cause local government to punish and impede me for disallowing harm to my child.

It would explain a lot.  My official dealings with SelectQuote attorneys have all been with offices outside the city.  Even though Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher has a San Francisco office, they use the Silicon Valley branch.  Clearly they aren’t outsourcing for cost, those guys are heavy hitters. 

I’m not sure about the reputation management lawyers that lost to me in arbitration over the use of the domain.  SelectQuote was dead wrong, what could they do?  I think they were from Idaho or thereabouts, you could look it up from filings I’ve linked to.

I don’t know if Pearce was the particular road to power that SelectQuote traveled.  Either way, he serves as an illustration of what is possible.  I take the onset of malicious traffic coinciding with the running of this story to mean I’m striking a nerve with someone.  I hope pressing forward will consume effort that would otherwise go to legal defense.


Greene Wedding

Congratulations to cousin Nate, and his new bride Nim.  The reception was held at O3 Bistro, a Laotian Thai place near City Hall.  The staff kept everything running smoothly, and the revelry was still going strong when I called it a night.  I figure that’s worth a happy post for once…

Nate and Nim


Pearce’s Lobbying to Remove Rent Controlled Apartments

Juan Enrique Pearce has played fast and loose with lobbying rules in San Francisco.  While a lobbyist must normally register, so that the public can know who is meeting with public officials on behalf of who else’s money.  There is a loophole involving attorneys, however.  By claiming that they are representing a client, even for work that does not require a lawyer, an attorney avoids the requirement to report.

Pearce featured prominently in an SFGate article on insider influence, which is an enlightening look at one facet of the political machine in operation.  The Academy of Art was the special interest he represented, regarding their practice of buying rent controlled units, to take them off the market and convert them to student dwellings.

While student housing is a low cost option, it’s only available to people paying an arm and a leg to go to the school.  Also, most schools housing is basically an SRO with roommates.  Packing them in means the school is getting income from the property, and when they’re done with it, they can sell into the hot San Francisco real estate market.  When they bought it, the value was likely relatively low, because buyer would account for a limit to how fast they can raise rents in the existing units.

Caro Kann

Caro-Kann I built my repertoire as white around 1e4, hoping to avoid the slow positional battles associated with the d pawn openings.  After playing a game, I would look to see which high level players played similar moves to what I came up with. Then I would look up other games by these players, to see how players with a style that felt natural to me would respond to the various Black responses to e4.

It took me quite awhile to come up with a response to the Caro Kann. By playing c6 followed by d5 black barely fights for the center.  If White simply takes the d5 pawn, cxd5 recaptures a center pawn with a flank pawn, normally a structural disadvantage.

So White either ties pieces down defending e4, or plays the Advance Variation with e5.  This creates long closed pawn chains, not the sort of positional battle I am looking for.  My opponent, 500 points stronger than me on the Elo scale, has slowly squeezed me before in such a quiet middle game.

This time I try the ‘Berserker’ Variation with an early g4.  This looks ridiculous at first glance, but I’ve noted a game between two former World Champions that developed similarly.  White throws King safety to the wind, in an attempt to shake up this normally plodding opening.

I let Frank back into the game a few times, such as with the Bb4 played before my pawn structure was prepared.  A lack of patience, but my opponent has been thrown off his game and does not capitalize.

Government Weapons Testing On Citizens

I’ve recently experienced a more sophisticated brute force attack, using multiple machines going slowly enough to fly under the radar.  So I slowed down on my writing, as I’ve been working on configuring defenses to respond in a way that won’t consume too many resources.  However, recent news mentions of biological warfare testing on an unsuspecting San Francisco public are too relevant to not give it a short mention.  From Business Insider:

It all began in late September 1950, when over a few days, a Navy vessel used giant hoses to spray a fog of two kinds of bacteria, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii — both believed at the time to be harmless — out into the fog, where they disappeared and spread over the city.

This becomes more relevant when we consider the synthetic telepathy tests performed between India and France.  The experimenters were able to use non-invasive, outside the scalp, technology to allow the senders to send an encoded “hello” or “goodbye” using only an EEG.

The receivers experienced the message as a series of light bursts existing only in their head. Keep in mind that this is public research, and our much higher Defense spending in this area likely produced results that won’t be made public.  Also, the receiving end relied on magnetic stimulation, not conductors attached to the scalp.

I’m not familiar with this technology, but note magnetism attenuates with the inverse square of the distance.  If this method is limited by the magnetic force alone, you could put the same force on a neuron twice as far away by simply quadrupling the strength of your magnet.


Chatter among scientists at the time suggested this wasn’t all that impressive.  Indeed, I have a source that claims we’ve gone much further.  The various DARPA BRAIN initiatives include ‘restoring’ (creating false) memories.  Justifying medical need of such research looks more and more strained each time.

Firearms and the Fourth

Our revolution was fought with guns.  I understand Charleston was a tragedy.  Nothing says “I have no concrete beef with any one African American” like shooting up a church.  Perhaps God is calling His people to Himself so that few will remain to resist the strong delusion.Liberty Bell

Hitler was also a tragedy.  It is not necessary to go back in time to kill him, surely the world will produce another.  Will you be armed, and ready to fight?

Or shall we trust Leland Yee and his ilk.  This politician would disarm us, and then he turns around and runs guns for the Tong.  With men like Yee and Pearce running the show, is it any wonder that an organization like SelectQuote can cover-up an attempt to kill a child?

Mob Justice vs. Armchair Violence

How would criminals be handled under anarchism?  Since prior anarchist societies have been overrun by Communists and Fascists shortly after formation, solutions have not been put to the test.  Anarchists stress the right of people to defend themselves, and claim that the elimination of the class that can make money without work, simply by virtue of owning the means of production, will end most crime (with clear victims).

This might lead to mob justice.   Any tribunals would likely be under the sway of popular opinion.  But how much different is this than the present situation?

A well moneyed criminal can control opinion through the media, and even if he doesn’t, he usually gets away.  How many laws were broken during the financial crisis which began in 2008?  Race and poverty have the opposite effect, innocence may not protect you if you’re poor and black.


Black Mold Six Month Checkup

I know some of you are quite interested in the Enrique Pearce story.  Internet vigilantes don’t normally rally behind child porn, so unless NAMBLA has a hacktivist arm, there are people on edge regarding the direction this blog has been going recently.  But there is only so much information out there for this case, so now is a good time to circle back on my experiments in eradicating black mold as a renter (or if you can’t tear the entire place apart for other reasons).

A quick caveat, you’re supposed to use hazmat breathing filters, and have trained professionals remove the mold.  They say you may just disturb the mold if you clean it yourself.  However, like me, you may find a DIY approach preferable to nothing.  There is a government agency that can help, but I never was able to get in touch.

A good dehumidifier goes a long way.  Nights in the Bay Area usually have high relative humidity, even in this drought.  So an area with any extra water, for example near plumbing fixtures or in the bathroom, will have more than enough moisture for mold to flourish.  Removing outside moisture sources and running the dehumidifier should control the spread, but building materials may have to much absorbed water to completely dehydrate the fungus.  I also had a heat lamp in the affected area, which I now keep on to deter mold growth.

Malicious Traffic Has Fallen

SelectQuote Review’s traffic levels have been pretty normal for the last several days.  So the latest attack seems to have passed without incident.  While I’ve seen more malicious traffic than usual, nothing like the spikes that I’ve seen three times this month, including one short outage of the site.

Update: Spoke to soon, currently throttling a badly behaved crawler.  This one started around 6pm local time.  Doesn’t appear to be having major impact.

Earlier attacks had prompted warning about resource usage from my hosting provider, but I took steps to throttle suspicious inbound traffic since then.

I do note that this started occurring when I picked up the Juan Enrique (John Henry) Pearce story.  I also got a rather atypical phone call about SelectQuote Review around then, though that could be coincidental.  Since I’m striking a nerve, I think I’ll try to milk this story for all it’s worth.