Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

More Sex Crimes from Authorities

Were it not for the Tom Meyer connection, I’d leave the Oakland Police Department alone on the scandal involving a young prostitute.  There is plenty of scandal on this side of the Bay.  The attempt to protect a molester who had a position of trust in the Catholic Church puts my troubles with SelectQuote in a whole new light.

There are enough molesters in power around here that they actually are able ,to go after those who they deem to be a threat to their sickening lifestyle.  In the absence of any reason, it really appears the act of bringing a Bible in to SelectQuote around Christmas angered people there enough that they wanted to kill my daughter.  Perhaps these sick individuals are looking for a low cost way to generate the wrath of the fornications of the great city.

We’ve seen:

  • Sex trips to Cambodia well known in the SFPD.
  • Decorated San Francisco officer arrested with porn featuring eight year old boy.
  • Powerful campaign manager, fixer, and lobbyist arrested for truly gruesome sounding child porn.
  • Blatant attempt to protect Satan’s saboteur – a pedophile priest.
  • No one seems to be going down for all this.

Sell Your Cloak and Buy a Sword

Sell your cloak and buy a sword. Luke 22:36 No less than the Son of God send this. In the hierarchy of needs, water, food, infantry weapon, and then protection from the elements.

784px-Jesus_wanted_posterWhy would Jesus, known for preaching peace, feel so strongly about the right to bear arms?  Perhaps a keen understanding of people who have power over their fellow man.  Christ was arrested, tried, exhausted the appeals process, sentenced to death, and executed by the proper authorities, under the legal standards of the time.

People in power will tend to define rights and morals in their own favor, until further oppression is no longer in their own interests.  Even though Jesus exhorted followers to turn the other cheek, if they were armed in a similar fashion as authorities it would serve as a deterrent.  Also, God acted in favor of greater freedom for His people throughout the Old Testament.  Jesus did not come to overturn His Father’s work.  We see Jesus’s right hand man Peter snap and smack a posse member upside the head with his sword during Jesus’s arrest.  When legal remedies fail, despots must still weigh the risk of an effective uprising.

The Orlando shooting is a tragedy.  Statistics in a large population can be deceiving, however.   27 people die every day from drunk driving.  A quick death while out gallivanting is arguably better than being eaten by an alligator right after you learned how to walk.

What Did Fake Ed Know?

Early on, I dismissed fake Ed’s blog, which stated that I was being framed for pedophilia.  Now we know that I wasn’t so much being framed, as being set up to take the fall for a sexually abusive priest.  Not quite what the blog stated, but pretty darn close given how unlikely his accusation seemed at first glance.


Kamala Harris

He also references Kamala Harris in his post.  (Originally at it has been taken down despite my commenting on the post.)  I don’t know about his charge that she’s a racist.  I sort of assume they’ve run this same scam against a number of African Americans.  Given bias in the criminal justice system, that would be much lower risk, and we’d likely never hear from the victims.  So I doubt my race was a factor.

Kamala was the District Attorney for San Francisco while many of the dirty deeds against me were perpetrated.  The cops seemed to have been in on this, so it isn’t far-fetched to suspect the DA could have been involved.  The police and the prosecuting attorneys are almost always on the same side.  The exceptions, when dirty cops were getting prosecuted, came after Kamala left for Sacramento.

There really isn’t any sort of proof, at least nothing I have access to.  But that blog has been right on an outlandish claim before.  I see the original claim has been taken down, despite being proved correct.  This points to pressure being placed on the writer.  Kamala Harris did just win the primary for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat.

Keys Hanging From My Window

Update: Since this story originally ran, I’ve found out the credit bureaus thought I went by multiple aliases and lived at addresses where I never had resided.  One of these names was used by a priest accused of raping kids.  This conspiracy is no mere paranoia, the schemers are real and know how to game the system.

Weird little coincidences usually mean nothing.  However, as we see how widespread my opposition has been, how they have been proven corrupt time and time again, it is maybe worthwhile to quickly mention one of the stranger details again.  Especially since the police refused to take a report on a break-in by a woman with a knife, which occurred at the same time.

I actually had two break-ins in quick succession.  During the first, a knife was stolen from my place.  I did not see this one happen.  The second one, I actually saw a woman running out of my apartment, but I gave up chase once she was outside, given the fact that I wasn’t dressed.  The lock was not forced, either it was picked or the burglar had a master key.

The second one came on the very day my then estranged wife was due back in town.  The knife was now back in my apartment.  I called the police, but they said they didn’t want to get involved in my divorce.  After this, I noticed keys hanging from my front window.  They weren’t for my door, so I left them, thinking perhaps someone left them after drinking at one of the many nearby bars.

San Francisco Police Chief Resigns

In the wake of another fatal officer involved shooting, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr has resigned.  This reportedly after longtime supporter Ed Lee requested his resignation.  Just last week, a bloc of San Francisco’s Board  of Supervisors members, led by Jane Kim, were calling for a nation-wide search for a new Chief.

Hunger strikers and an unflattering blue-ribbon panel report from DA Gascon recently were taking their toll on Suhr’s support.  From fajitagate, to an underling fired in retaliation for investigating him as part of his job, to racist text message scandals, Suhr always had dodged scandal.

I’ve written extensively about corruption in the SFPD.  While public scandal leaves me feeling somewhat vindicated, it remains to be seen what changes will take place under a new chief.  Hopefully the errors of the past will not be repeated.

Evidence of Impersonation

Below is the information I received from Experian regarding my background check.  Notice the multiple aliases, even though I only go by Tom Dunham (or legally, Thomas Dunham).  Also, three MN addresses appear.  I’ve never even visited the state.

I’ve obscured all the addresses with which I’m actually associated.  No point in giving impostors more information.  This report is hard evidence that someone has been tampering with data that the government collects on its citizens.  In this case, to fraudulently link me with pedophilia.

False Report

Schemers Knew of Scapegoating

The importance of names in a credit report comes from how the federal government uses them.  A background check for a federal job is how I found out that I was being treated as the same person as Tom Meyer.  The Feds may start with the social security number and name you provide, but they then go to the credit bureaus for alternate names and an address history.

Then those names and addresses are used to query into criminal records.  This is significant, because those in on the plot could reasonably expect both Minnesota Tom Meyers to be linked to me.  They only needed a single MN false address, every ‘also known as’ gets run in each locality of interest.  The only reason this was marginally effective in the background report was that the statewide criminal search was only run against the address where I lived for the last 15 years.

It is significant that the fake blog published by the plotters mentioned me being framed for child molestation.  I did not know until recently that I was taking the fall for some priest in Minnesota.  Yet somehow the alleged Ed Donegan did know.  How, if he wasn’t in on it?  It appears the plotters wrote that blog.

I’m curious to see if the firearms background check works similarly.  This might be a secondary goal, because gun control advocates often specifically mention sex offenders.  Any convicted felon is prohibited from firearm ownership, but plotters may have wanted further protections.  Some types of crimes only need to be misdemeanors to prohibit firearm ownership.