Misconduct, Not Mistake, From SFPD

Update: Testimony at SFPD corruption trial strongly suggests intentional misconduct against me.
We know that at 24 months my daughter did not spontaneously tell the police officer that I hurt her arm.  I’ve gone over this in some detail previously.  A possible objection to my contention that this was deliberate fabrication is that the reporting officer simply made a mistake.
Why should we suspect malfeasance regarding the police report in which I was accused of hurting Abby’s arm?  I’m sure the police have to fill out many reports per day, mistakes are bound to happen.  For example, in the report in question my wife Maki was repeatedly referred to as Mika.
In the report the officer asks Mika (Maki) if it is OK for Abby to stay with me.  Then the report says Abby spontaneously said she returned from a friend’s place to find me asleep and Abby with no diaper on.  Next, Abby is reported as spontaneously telling the officer this is why she was angry and her arm hurts because I grabbed her.
Obviously, the officer may have just changed my wife’s name from Maki, to Mika, to Abby.  However, Maki did not accuse me of hurting Abby’s arm.  So claiming that that statement was a typo really doesn’t fly so long as you believe Maki and myself.  There is also the matter of the officers having me clean-up my own blood before they took pictures.  Certainly, it appears that they are trying to distort the record.
This incident occurred after I overheard threats regarding my daughter at work.  As SelectQuote alluded to a more than cozy relationship with the San Francisco police in a later legal brief, this timing could be more than mere coincidence.  There is also the matter of the break-in that occurred a month later.

Resolved Issue with mod_rewrite and Caching

Pragmatism is a big part of programming.  There is no way to make progress by throwing away everything that was done before.  The majority of the web runs a Linux Apache mySQL PHP stack.  While PHP is far from my favorite tool, publishing user generated content is not rocket science, and many popular content publishing tools have been written in the language.

No doubt part of the attraction is the ubiquity of hosting options.  A site has to be pretty major before a dedicated server is required, but shared hosting has some constraints.  I fixed a potential gotcha with some popular tools in my environment yesterday.

Under a shared hosting plan, you probably will not have FastCGI, or a PHP opcode cache.  This means an expensive interpreter process being spawned for every request!  A few WordPress caching plugins have options to get around this, but you’ll need to be careful with your Apache configuration.

I use mod_rewrite to successfully route requests to commonly misspelled requests by external redirect.  Like when the user includes a period at the end of their link.  You need to be very specific with such rewrites when using a caching plugin.

This is because the highest performing way to cache pages on the server is to generate static html and gzip encoded pages for each request normally served by the PHP handler.  These responses are stored in a directory named on the fly by mod_rewrite.  Whenever a request comes in, the module conditionally checks for existence of an appropriately named directory, if it exists the request path is internally rewritten.

Prosecution of SelectQuote Employee

Quite a messy situation for SelectQuote in Kansas City, and my sources keep reporting worse.  Last year I left you with news of prescription drug theft, and identity theft.  I have links to some case history, (enter 14CR02252 as the case number or screenshots),  so I figured a quick post was in order.

The Johnson County Sherrif’s office also has some verification, as to when they were holding Shanon Cannon. (Enter name in search box if their link doesn’t work)  These cases have not been disposed of yet,  but he has been charged, not merely booked on suspicion of a crime.  There is certainly more to the story, but I thought a quick fact-check was in order.

I’ve made a number of backend changes to my blog, that might help me reach new audiences.  So I’d like to stress that my stories are not wild conjecture, I either have first-hand knowledge, or have relayed other disgruntled SelectQuote (ex)employee’s accounts.  My accusations have repeatedly been borne out.

SelectQuote Undermines Its Position

Jong Lee – pimped wife/kid, got this 4th home

My timeline of SelectQuote’s cover-up gives an excellent outline of actions related to the harm of children, but a more concise breakdown might be useful.  Here I am listing the ways in which SelectQuote has undermined its own story after 2010.
2010 was the year in which Michelle Tan made threats concerning my daughter.  Also, SelectQuote appears to have been involved in actions which actually did cause her harm that year.  My accusations might seem fantastic at first, but these events after the fact serve to show SelectQuote really did what I accuse them of.  Each topic is delved into much greater detail elsewhere, but  I want to give the reader a short list of why my opponents should be doubted.

  • Benefits were lavished on the conspirators shortly after my termination.  Michelle Tan received considerably more time working from home than anyone else in IT, and her husband Jong Lee got Java work as part of the team that replaced me.  After my investigative reporting uncovered this graft, Jong Lee no longer posted publicly accessible updates regarding his work with SelectQuote on GitHub.  When I began writing more articles after a brief hiatus, Jong and SelectQuote attempted to hide this smoking gun. (I have screenshots.)
  • They were obviously expecting smooth sailing, as they picked up a second house in Pleasanton, CA not long after I was gone.  Actually, Block Shopper shows a new property record on their primary residence one month after I took this site down in the Fall of 2012.  Jong Lee is now listed first for their residence at 3552 Carlsbad Ct., in Pleasanton, but I don’t know what kind of transaction this was, or if it had anything to do with my hiatus.
  • SelectQuote declined to look into whether I had ever communicated with Michelle Tan about the threats against my daughter.  Michelle Tan lied about such communication, I was able to confirm this in the summer of 2011.  RFID logs or witnesses could have helped my case, but SelectQuote would rather remain ignorant of the facts.
  • I was impersonated on social media sites.  Fake Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook accounts were all created.  Content posted either understated my resume, or was nonsense designed to make me look bad.  I was in the middle of the job search, so in addition to undermining my reporting on the SelectQuote scandal, the rhythm of my job search was broken.

Rebranding SelectQuote Review

The as you can see I have begun rebranding the SelectQuote Review.  Since I am intending to move SelectQuote Review to WordPress, I wanted a logo that fits better in a minimalist theme.  Then I updated the color scheme to match.
This logo is immediately clear on what I’m trying to convey.  Protection.  This blog helps protect would be victims of SelectQuote, by getting the word out.  SelectQuote normally prepares the battlefield  by setting people up to fail, or impersonating them in order to make them look bad.

At that point they are given a freer hand by authorities to mess with their prey.  If their next target is aware of the scheme, he can take steps to preserve his reputation.  And he will be prepared to defend his family and himself, if need be.  With any luck this site might influence the potential jury pool for anyone who might stand accused of excessive force in this endeavor.

Does Google Penalize Its Own Blogging Platform?

    Matt Cutts of Google’s web spam team tells us that content is king.  But decisions about content are being made by machines.  When we look at specific results they may not always makes sense to human.
    Take the query SelectQuote Review, for example.  This is the name of my site.  We would expect people to be able to easily find this site through its name.  Even if we don’t treat that query as a name, and treat the query as a request for reviews of SelectQuote, my site should still being near the top.
    Perhaps some sites that host many reviews might beat me out, but no one is going to match me on depth of commentary.  So clearly I should be ranking somewhere near the top, because negative reviews are helpful to potential buyers.  Time has shown that I have been spot on in the contentions I have made that are possible to prove.
    Why is content not king for this query?  Due to the secrecy of Google’s ranking algorithms, we can’t really know.  However, I’m beginning to wonder if Google slightly penalizes their own blogging platform, Blogger.
    Blogger blogs are not in the top echelons of online publishing.  As free hosting, a web site will share its Internet address with many other sites, even if it has its own domain.  Some have speculated in the past that being in the same IP neighborhood as web span can also hurt and innocent site.

Practical Archery

    No matter where you are, you can’t count on police to arrive in time to protect your family.  If you’ve been following along, you know in San Francisco you’re lucky if they aren’t making things worse.  For pure stopping power, a long gun is obviously the way to go.  If you have young children, these should be locked up.  Could you get to it in time if you were surprised in the middle of the night?
    While I’m covering topics that might be helpful to San Francisco renters, I’ll look at modern bows from this perspective.  After all, anyone breaking in to a home likely has something that can be used as a bludgeon.  So if all you have is a baseball bat, it’s a fair fight.  This is no time for sportsmanship.  So if you’re looking at a bow anyway, there are a couple of trade-offs you might want to consider.

Coumpound bow

  You can get equipment far beyond what my public high school could afford, and these bows behave a lot differently.  My compound bow recently derailed, which gave me the chance to try 40 and 50 pound recurve bows, and a PVC stick bow.  In my picture you can see that compound bows use cams and pulleys to gain a large enough mechanical advantage to bend the very stiff limbs.
    An immediate advantage to a modern compound bow in a house with young kids, is that the bow hits its peak draw weight within a couple inches of the draw.  So someone who can’t pull the peak draw weight can’t use the bow.  In any case, anyone can see when a bow is loaded with an arrow.  If your kid’s friends normal throw sharp objects at each other, you have bigger problems.
    Traditional bows have a nearly linear draw cycle, which means anyone can pull the bow back, just not as far.  Which might make a bow useless for accurate and consistent shooting, but still dangerous if someone were to start horsing around with it.
    There are several reasons why compounds are the hunter’s choice.  The bow stays near peak draw weight for much of the draw, then lets off near full draw.  This makes it easy to hold full draw and aim.  It also means much more power is imparted to the arrow on release (all things being equal, draw length is the other main component determining total force delivered to the arrow).

Performing Arts Night

Every year Rosa Parks elementary school has its performing arts night.  Last month it was again hosted by Gateway High School.  This is also known as Gakugeikai and it is publicized as a Japanese Bilingual and Bicultural Program event.

Rosa Parks principal Paul Jacobsen

I did notice that the first grade (at least) general education classrooms were also performing this year.  I don’t recall which students were involved last year, but it is nice to see that this isn’t strictly limited to JBBP.  I’d like for Abby to have plenty of chances to work together with kids outside of JBBP.  She has known many of the other kids in her classroom since preschool.  Which is nice in that kindergarten was already comfortable for her, but it is good to get used to interacting with people with different backgrounds and interests.