Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Keys Hanging From My Window

Update: Since this story originally ran, I’ve found out the credit bureaus thought I went by multiple aliases and lived at addresses where I never had resided.  One of these names was used by a priest accused of raping kids.  This conspiracy is no mere paranoia, the schemers are real and know how to game the system.

Weird little coincidences usually mean nothing.  However, as we see how widespread my opposition has been, how they have been proven corrupt time and time again, it is maybe worthwhile to quickly mention one of the stranger details again.  Especially since the police refused to take a report on a break-in by a woman with a knife, which occurred at the same time.

I actually had two break-ins in quick succession.  During the first, a knife was stolen from my place.  I did not see this one happen.  The second one, I actually saw a woman running out of my apartment, but I gave up chase once she was outside, given the fact that I wasn’t dressed.  The lock was not forced, either it was picked or the burglar had a master key.

The second one came on the very day my then estranged wife was due back in town.  The knife was now back in my apartment.  I called the police, but they said they didn’t want to get involved in my divorce.  After this, I noticed keys hanging from my front window.  They weren’t for my door, so I left them, thinking perhaps someone left them after drinking at one of the many nearby bars.

San Francisco Police Chief Resigns

In the wake of another fatal officer involved shooting, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr has resigned.  This reportedly after longtime supporter Ed Lee requested his resignation.  Just last week, a bloc of San Francisco’s Board  of Supervisors members, led by Jane Kim, were calling for a nation-wide search for a new Chief.

Hunger strikers and an unflattering blue-ribbon panel report from DA Gascon recently were taking their toll on Suhr’s support.  From fajitagate, to an underling fired in retaliation for investigating him as part of his job, to racist text message scandals, Suhr always had dodged scandal.

I’ve written extensively about corruption in the SFPD.  While public scandal leaves me feeling somewhat vindicated, it remains to be seen what changes will take place under a new chief.  Hopefully the errors of the past will not be repeated.

Evidence of Impersonation

Below is the information I received from Experian regarding my background check.  Notice the multiple aliases, even though I only go by Tom Dunham (or legally, Thomas Dunham).  Also, three MN addresses appear.  I’ve never even visited the state.

I’ve obscured all the addresses with which I’m actually associated.  No point in giving impostors more information.  This report is hard evidence that someone has been tampering with data that the government collects on its citizens.  In this case, to fraudulently link me with pedophilia.

False Report

Schemers Knew of Scapegoating

The importance of names in a credit report comes from how the federal government uses them.  A background check for a federal job is how I found out that I was being treated as the same person as Tom Meyer.  The Feds may start with the social security number and name you provide, but they then go to the credit bureaus for alternate names and an address history.

Then those names and addresses are used to query into criminal records.  This is significant, because those in on the plot could reasonably expect both Minnesota Tom Meyers to be linked to me.  They only needed a single MN false address, every ‘also known as’ gets run in each locality of interest.  The only reason this was marginally effective in the background report was that the statewide criminal search was only run against the address where I lived for the last 15 years.

It is significant that the fake blog published by the plotters mentioned me being framed for child molestation.  I did not know until recently that I was taking the fall for some priest in Minnesota.  Yet somehow the alleged Ed Donegan did know.  How, if he wasn’t in on it?  It appears the plotters wrote that blog.

I’m curious to see if the firearms background check works similarly.  This might be a secondary goal, because gun control advocates often specifically mention sex offenders.  Any convicted felon is prohibited from firearm ownership, but plotters may have wanted further protections.  Some types of crimes only need to be misdemeanors to prohibit firearm ownership.

Note for New Readers

I recently added this blog to my LinkedIn profile.  I had avoided doing so, to make it easy for people I work with to ignore.  There are two sides to any controversy, even when they are not equally valid.

There is no longer controversy on this issue.  We knew before that the San Francisco police, known for misconduct, lied in my encounters as well.  Even so, some will say they wouldn’t lie unless I was doing something that they couldn’t prove.

Now we know that a pedophile priest was protected by my enemies.  How many children were raped due to SelectQuote and their allies?  I’ve been writing for sometime about the likelihood of the involvement of child predators, and their prevalence in the halls of power.

Fake Blog Protected Pedophile Priest

I looked back at my first article about Ed Donegan, and his blog is fake.  I had forgotten that he stated that I contacted him about being framed for pedophilia.  I just found out that someone got the credit bureaus to believe that I was a priest in Minnesota.  Ed’s original post is gone (even though I commented), but I have a snippet from Google…

Ed snippet

Hopefully the members of this molester gang are caught before more children are raped.

Fake(?) Ed Was Right About Molestation

I thought it was ludicrous that someone would scapegoat me for child molestation when I first read about it on Ed Donegan’s blog.  Lo and behold, I was falsely reported as being Tom Meyer, in a state I’ve never even visited.  Not coincidentally, Father Tom Meyer was accused of sexually abusing children in that state.

The schemers probably could have handled my sexual history making perfectly clear that I don’t rape kids.  However, I also don’t work with children, don’t hang out with any, my daughter’s friends aren’t over that often.  It isn’t possible to believe that I am a molester.  It would have been too obvious that anyone accusing me of such was lying.

My enemies felt the need to reach out to one of their star operatives, a man who raped the children of the faithful.  They then gave me this priest’s identity.  This was made all the worse by the errant belief of the Roman Catholic Church that the Bible does not contain all the necessary teaching for man’s salvation. While many can distinguish between clergy’s actions and teachings that are from God, over-exaltation of priests occasionally cause sickening beliefs to manifest:

“It is better for eight innocent men to suffer than for millions to lose their faith.” – Martha Wegan, Catholic canon lawyer covering-up child molestation.

If those millions need a child molester to teach them right from wrong, they probably aren’t going to make it.  The devil’s agents exploit such false doctrine to cause the unwary to conflate behavior of clergy with the validity of Christianity.  Father Tom Meyer had already done damage, maybe someone didn’t want to look for a new molester to work with.  Kill two birds with one stone, clean this priest’s image, while making me take the fall for his crimes.