Girl threatened, subsequent dirty deeds from SelectQuote and cops.

Mob Justice vs. Armchair Violence

How would criminals be handled under anarchism?  Since prior anarchist societies have been overrun by Communists and Fascists shortly after formation, solutions have not been put to the test.  Anarchists stress the right of people to defend themselves, and claim that the elimination of the class that can make money without work, simply by virtue of owning the means of production, will end most crime (with clear victims).

This might lead to mob justice.   Any tribunals would likely be under the sway of popular opinion.  But how much different is this than the present situation?

A well moneyed criminal can control opinion through the media, and even if he doesn’t, he usually gets away.  How many laws were broken during the financial crisis which began in 2008?  Race and poverty have the opposite effect, innocence may not protect you if you’re poor and black.


Black Mold Six Month Checkup

I know some of you are quite interested in the Enrique Pearce story.  Internet vigilantes don’t normally rally behind child porn, so unless NAMBLA has a hacktivist arm, there are people on edge regarding the direction this blog has been going recently.  But there is only so much information out there for this case, so now is a good time to circle back on my experiments in eradicating black mold as a renter (or if you can’t tear the entire place apart for other reasons).

A quick caveat, you’re supposed to use hazmat breathing filters, and have trained professionals remove the mold.  They say you may just disturb the mold if you clean it yourself.  However, like me, you may find a DIY approach preferable to nothing.  There is a government agency that can help, but I never was able to get in touch.

A good dehumidifier goes a long way.  Nights in the Bay Area usually have high relative humidity, even in this drought.  So an area with any extra water, for example near plumbing fixtures or in the bathroom, will have more than enough moisture for mold to flourish.  Removing outside moisture sources and running the dehumidifier should control the spread, but building materials may have to much absorbed water to completely dehydrate the fungus.  I also had a heat lamp in the affected area, which I now keep on to deter mold growth.

Malicious Traffic Has Fallen

SelectQuote Review’s traffic levels have been pretty normal for the last several days.  So the latest attack seems to have passed without incident.  While I’ve seen more malicious traffic than usual, nothing like the spikes that I’ve seen three times this month, including one short outage of the site.

Update: Spoke to soon, currently throttling a badly behaved crawler.  This one started around 6pm local time.  Doesn’t appear to be having major impact.

Earlier attacks had prompted warning about resource usage from my hosting provider, but I took steps to throttle suspicious inbound traffic since then.

I do note that this started occurring when I picked up the Juan Enrique (John Henry) Pearce story.  I also got a rather atypical phone call about SelectQuote Review around then, though that could be coincidental.  Since I’m striking a nerve, I think I’ll try to milk this story for all it’s worth.

Challenges in Web Analytics

As a site owner, I’d like to know things like how long do mobile users stay compared to desktop.  Or compare visits from the Midwest with those from the Bay Area.  This allows me to know my audience and target my content, as well as root out problems with the experience for certain groups of users.

It is getting harder to measure the average user.  While my analytics track a user on my site alone, third party or ad software can track the user all across the net.  Which means popular ad blockers now block all common web trackers.

Any webmaster who has used more the Google Analytics alone knows each tracker gets results wildly different from the others.  As I’ve recently modified my caching headers to get more pages cached on my CDN edge servers, this point was driven home for me recently.

SelectQuote Review is Currently Under Attack

This is perhaps another attempt to brute force the administrator login, although some defenses are calling it a denial of service attack.  I began experiencing such attacks (and a possibly unrelated server outage) after I began writing about the possible avenue of influence SelectQuote has on the San Francisco government.  Juan Enrique Pearce had more power than a few deposed molesters in the SFPD, and child predators might feel a kinship to one another.

My adversaries have tried technical means to sink me before.  A man involved in the Warrior’s move across the Bay might have allies who owe him a kickback for all the money they stand to gain in the relocation.  So this kind of expertise is probably within budget.

Anyway, the attack is currently being mitigated.  But if you experience slowness, they probably have brought more bots online.

Enrique Pearce and the Warrior’s Move

Although best known as a political consultant, accused pedophile Enrique Pearce also is known for his work as a lawyer for the Academy of Art and the Golden State Warriors.  His involvement in bringing the Warriors to San Francisco demonstrates his influence on both sides of the Bay.

This Sunshine Ordinance Request from the Mission Bay Alliance is a mere one year old.  The request is seeking information on the discussions of the Warriors move, and Enrique’s name is on a short list of those involved.  His involvement in big money decisions is recent.

A lot of people stand to win or lose big on the move of a major sports team.  This makes Enrique more dangerous.  It took nearly five years to see some resolution for illegal searches by the SFPD.  We can expect more of the same when taking down a powerful political player.

Relatively Calm as Warriors Win in Six

Last night the Golden State Warriors won their first championship in forty years.  No ruckus was raised in my neighborhood (SoMa).  Early reports suggest San Francisco as a whole had few issues, in stark contrast to the Giants winning the World Series.

SFPD cancelled cops’ vacations, and an extra presence was/will be out in SoMa, the Mission, and the Marina.  If you want to fight the power under the cover of a celebration, there are always the old money areas: Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, etc.

The official celebration is in Oakland this coming Friday.  It will be a little west of Lake Merrit, Harrison St. and thereabouts.  A nice feature of this location is that BART is fairly robust in the area, in case a station or line is closed.

Regarding the Police

SFPD Southern Station

SFPD Southern Station

I alluded to the Navajo branch of the Edelweiss Pirates assassinating the chief of the Gestapo in Cologne in my last article on anti-fascism.  Given the recent shooting in Dallas, I think I should clarify my position, at the present time.  It’s been a long time since I lived in nearby Arlington, Texas, so I can’t speak to the situation there.

I do note that here I am still allowed to write this, and you are allowed to read it.  I have plenty of reasons to be ticked off at the SFPD.  Many people, especially African Americans and Latinos, probably have more.  From my perspective, I don’t think the use of lethal force against cops is warranted at the present time.

For one thing, a direct assault on the police will lead to life in prison or death.  You will not win.  With a wife and daughter counting on me, the situation needs to deteriorate pretty far before I can consider this option.  You too can probably think of a better way to resist than going after the best armed group of people in the area.

Campaign Financier Pearce Restrained From Children

Former Golden State Warriors counsel and elite political consultant Enrique Pearce was in court again on Friday.  At issue was a restraining order intended to keep this alleged aficionado of child rape videos away from children.  Officers had previously found many pornographic photos and videos of prepubescent boys and infants.

Pictures taken surreptitiously of 8 to 12 year old boys in public, including at City Hall, raised the concern.  Defense’s new counsel, Edwin Prather, did obtain concessions to attend family gatherings.  He is not, however, allowed to photograph minors.

Pearce has worked on campaigns for Norman Yee, Ed Lee, and Jane Kim.  He has worked behind the scenes for big players like Rose Pak and Willie Brown.  Given his connections and questionable campaign finance tactics, this ongoing case could have repercussions within the halls of power in San Francisco.