Alleged Pedophile Enrique Pearce Used Other Names

Enrique PearceI notice that the connected political consultant and alleged pedophile Juan Enrique Pearce has used other names over the years. So I think it would be worthwhile to give a quick update with what I know about his history. After all, he was taking pictures of young boys around City Hall. He could be using his Latinized middle name to run from someone.

He has power covering for him as well. He penned our current mayor Ed Lee’s biography as part of Lee’s election campaign. The backers behind his ‘independent’ committees include political bosses Rose Pak and Willie Brown.

Enrique has also gone by John Henry Pearce, and his arrest occurred at his residence near Leavenworth and McAllister.  His office was a couple blocks down Market St., at 5th and Market (901).  Around 2007, voting records indicate he was living somewhere on Arguello with 3 roomates.  One of them was current District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim.

He got his law degree at UC Berkeley.  Prior to that he was a communications major at Northwestern University, which is in Evanston, IL.  Evanston shares a border with Chicago, in fact CTA elevated trains run through it, and the most frequent 24 hour train makes it to the border.

Big Mother Doesn’t Know Best

Enrique Pearce

Government in San Francisco does not set out to be an Orwellian dystopia.  Rather, its goals to care for its citizens and make them all they can be.  The do-gooders can’t possibly live their own lives, and peer deeply into everyone else’s to improve them.  Something will be missed.

Many San Francisco politicians have had ties to Enrique Pearce since he came here as a political consultant hailing from Chicago’s Northwestern University (Evanston).  He’s worked with Jane Kim since her school board run, Ed Lee, Matt Gonzales, Rose Pak, Norman Yee, and assorted other San Francisco politicians and power-brokers.  They might well have steered clear of him for going too far past campaign finance rules: the Run Ed Run astroturf campaign, and running both Jane Kim’s campaign for District 6 and a pro-Kim independent committee out of his office are a couple examples.

Pearce survived this sort of wrongdoing, but has been arrested on child porn charges.  Not just any child porn, but kids as young as three being held down and raped.  Much of Pearce’s work was for School Board officials.  Of course, working with someone doesn’t mean you know their tastes in porn.  But this does illustrate that simply working to improve the lives of kids doesn’t give you a crystal ball that shows what would be best for each child.

Alive and Kicking

Sorry it has been awhile, dear readers, I want to assure everyone that I’m still in this fight.  I had issues with losing dial tone on my two bonded DSL lines.  Line quality had been degrading for some time, and problems with access and dial tone even at the telco’s phone box test jack made it easy to misdiagnose.  Then I once again found problems with my RSS feed, which I wanted to address before posting my next article.

I don’t expect much readership over the long weekend, so I’ll just give a short update. I did get confirmation from the State Department of Justice that they received my report of SelectQuote’s data breach.  However, I haven’t actually spoke to anyone as of yet.  SelectQuote has been responding aggressively, and they have a high-powered law firm working on minimizing the damage.

I also continue to hear from current or former SelectQuote employees.  I pass along whatever information I have that might help.  I haven’t always written about these conversations, as some people would prefer their moves against SelectQuote not be broadcast ahead of time.

Some collaborators have drawn women into the fight against SelectQuote, which I’m happy to see.  My analytics point to young men being my most engaged audience.  Which would be more understandable if we were talking about action on the streets, but I mean interaction on social media or response to marketing as well. 

Testing the Mark

Although the Bible makes clear no one can predict when the end begins, many have tried.  We might do better to wonder how long the devil can fly under the radar once the end is upon us.  But since so many prediction have turned out to be false, people may be quick to dismiss early calls to alarm.

This is why it is worthwhile to look at failed candidates for a Mark of the Beast, so we can say why, no matter how many believed at the time, previous candidates could not have been a true Mark.  It is important to note that this is a sin that cannot be recovered from.  Something about it will prevent men from asking God for forgiveness.  The Lamb purchased men of every race, nation,  and language with His blood, but once a person worships the Beast and accepts the Mark, they are lost.

No matter how literally you take the Book of Revelations, this standard makes many theories as to exactly what the Mark is look ridiculous.  The Sunday sabbath?  Are people really lost forever for going to church on Sunday?  Currency of the Roman Empire?  Can’t buy or sell without money, and Christ noted the inverse correlation between wealth and virtue.  But does having some coin permanently separate you from God?

Technology will soon make a device meeting the criteria in Revelations possible.  Synthetic telepathy is real, and and non-defense researchers have suggested improved group problem solving as an application.  This sort of hive mind doesn’t sit well with me in any case, but if the problem being solved was “everyone should worship the Beast”, then you can see how this would meet above criteria.

SelectQuote’s Lack of Data Awareness

Logically and there are two extremes which might describe SelectQuote’s awareness of risk involving customer data, before I reported on their data breach.  One, they were caught completely flat-footed. Two, they knew I had the data, but since I did not accept contract work with them, they took the chance that I would never uncover the data.  Reality could be somewhere in between, if they suspected, but weren’t sure.

Even though they seemed to spring into action quite quickly after my report, it is possible that they took everything I reported at face value and simply reacted.   This is problematic because it indicates that they really don’t know who has customer data.   SelectQuote has resources in other countries and especially after my departure they would have needed to supplement their staff with outside firms.

Not to say foreign developers can’t be trusted, but even in the best of times there are different protections in their area, and it is harder to bring someone to justice when there are multiple jurisdictions involved.  Their government might require them to hand data over, just like ours does.   Depending on the political situation,  personnel may not feel physically safe enough to say no if a local crime lord pressured them for the records.


As private-public surveillance cooperation increases, I see fascism as currently being a greater threat than Communism.  Although I last voted Libertarian, I do not see this philosophy as properly addressing the increasingly predatory nature of corporations.  However, anarchism is such a loaded word, and many people think they know what it means but do not.  So, I’d rather put my socialist thinking under a term that must be looked-up.

Libertarian socialism, collectivism, or anarchism separated from Communism after the 1872 Hague congress.  Bakunin believed that the dictatorship of the proletariat would be as bad as any capitalist society.  Indeed, since Communism trades many factory owners for only one, who doesn’t know how to run a factory, it is know as ‘state capitalism’ among some anarchists.  Anarchist societies since then have been short lived, always subjugated by Marxist or Fascist regimes.

Here are some important elements of anarcho-syndicalism as I see it:

  • Government at the union level, federations of unions freely associate for larger projects.
  • Workers own their factories or farms.
  • Unions exist to bring about the revolutionary general strike.  Labor negotiations are merely practice.
  • Spreads via contamination: no vanguard party organizes revolt in foreign lands, rather workers will spontaneously strike when they see the success of the free state.
  • The revolutionary lumpenproletariat includes not only skilled labor, but farmers and prisoners as well.  Because the United States has the highest per capita incarceration rate of any country ever, this is an important distinction.  Furthermore, jailhouse solidarity has increased to the point guards in San Francisco must instigate fights between races.  This indicates Marx’s critique of this class being unable to achieve class consciousness does not hold true here and now.
  • The reason any strain of anarchism is viewed with suspicion is the concept of propaganda of the deed.  Anarchists usually view war as illegitimate – it pits the working classes of two States against each other.  However, there is diversity of thought on the use of precisely targeted violence by the lumpenproletariat against their oppressors – assassination.  As the U. S. media (and therefore the populace) is entirely controlled by a handful of wealthy elites, you can see how they don’t want to give this view airtime.
  • As an alternative to propaganda of the deed, modern anarchists have advanced ideas such as the Temporary Autonomous Zone.  By basically throwing a big party near a direct action, anarchists invite members of the populace to get a first-hand view of police over-reaction in support of the elite.  By cutting out the media filter, the elite are silenced without assassination.

SelectQuote Wants It Both Ways

SelectQuote’s legal representation, Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher LLP, are no scrubs.  They defended Chevron in a $27 billion Ecuadorian lawsuit, represent Mark Zuckerberg in a $17 million contract dispute, and got California’s ban on gay marriage overturned.  Cases like these led to the firm being listed as Top Litigation Department by American Lawyer in 2010 and 2012, the first firm to do so twice.  Why would SelectQuote resort to such overkill against SelectQuote Review?

It is a tricky bit of legal acrobatics which they are attempting.  In their request for SelectQuote property and information, it is made clear that they have been working with the Secret Service.  So it seems they reported personally identifiable information to be in unauthorized hands.  We can surmise that they knew the records were in fact true customer records, not realistic test data, because SelectQuote went straight to the Secret Service.

I received the records in 2011 from a company representative, after I no longer worked for SelectQuote.  I performed no work, and received no money from SelectQuote in 2011.  In fact, I didn’t even look at all the stuff they had given me in the hopes of luring me into some contract work. Because of the dirty way in which I was run out of the company, I didn’t wish to help tie up loose ends.

Once I saw what I had, I reported it on this blog, and made plans to notify customers of the lax controls on their data.  The whole point I was making is that SelectQuote was giving job candidates access to personally identifiable information, without any agreements in place.

California law requires companies to notify consumers when personally identifiable information falls into unauthorized hands.  But it appears SelectQuote would like to shirk on this duty, even though they already went to the Secret Service.  This could be why they waited until I no longer had these records to request them. 

Scrub Your Data

This latest incident, in which SelectQuote demonstrated its lack of controls on customer data, but skill at passing the buck, segues nicely into the utility of scrubbing data before handing it over to developers.  Especially one which you haven’t even hired yet.  When I was the one guy maintaining all web and telephony systems it might be excused, but every developer, and especially outside developers, need realistic but fake data.

Nor would I have wanted real data.  If you have ever fielded consumer complaints for a website, you are aware many end users have no idea why or who is sharing their data.  I’ve run in to cases which were obviously spyware on the user’s machine.

It’s very hard to prove to someone that you did not give their data away (“No, it could not possibly be my Antiguan Super-Porno browser extension”).  Now that the government collects insurance data, it’s even worse.  There’s a whole new set of people that could lose it.  Not to mention the shady characters at SelectQuote might sell penis pills on the side for all we know.

For the past four years SelectQuote has probably just pointed a finger in my direction when they can’t find an explanation that makes the customer go away.  While I have no incentive to screw SelectQuote’s customers, I’m still an easy target.  After all this time it’s obvious that I didn’t just make this up on a lark.  But most people a very reality-adverse, it’s easier to call people who live in the real world paranoid or drug user than look in the mirror.

SelectQuote Indirectly Shows Employee Negligence

Secret Service

They already have the drive…

When the Secret Service came over to collect SelectQuote customer data, I handed it over even though they did not have a warrant. As I consider SelectQuote’s careless handling of customer data to be a tangential issue, I wanted to cooperate fully.  While California law requires that consumers be notified when their personal information could have been accessed by an unauthorized person, I decided I didn’t need to be the one doing the notification.

I was given a hard drive with this data back in 2011, after I no longer worked for the company.  SelectQuote had wanted to hire me for some consulting work, but I never agreed to do any jobs for them.  I never signed any non-disclosure or any other agreements, but I had assumed this whole time the copy of the test database was scrubbed of real customer records.

Once I realized this was not the case earlier this year, I started planing to notify customers that their data had leaked.  The Secret Service spoke to me first, so I never did send out notifications, or even determine exactly how many people were affected.  After I handed over the data, the agents said they considered the manner closed so long as I had no more copies.

I have just received a letter from SelectQuote’s lawyers. While a lawyer for SelectQuote will not come right out and say it, when you take their claims with the facts in the case, they tend to demonstrate that a SelectQuote employee was negligent with customer data.