Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Punishing Resistance

Now seems a good time to give a short synopsis of my time at CollabNet, specifically after Jennyfer Phan came on board.  The hostility as soon as she started was notable.  Certainly not everybody clicks and I’m not going to hang out with everyone in my workplace.  Indifference is one thing, but Jennyfer seemed to have a more active dislike.

Happier times at CollabNet

Happier times at CollabNet


When Jen started July 2015 I started noticing stink eye. I really couldn’t afford a war with the energetic young receptionist, and in any case she made a beeline for many of the important men in the office. I did sit nearby, so I decided to just be friendly when called for, and just ignore it otherwise.  At the time I didn’t know what this was about, so I hoped to plough through, and not let my work be affected.

During the winter of 2016, my boss went back to India to start a business. This left me the only member of my team in America.  Rajesh had started the team, and he knew the product inside and out.  Though shoes to fill, and by now a few of the people that I talked to the most were leaving.  I’d had a number of short stints recently, so I really didn’t want to test the job market quite yet.

Notably, when I went through a background check for a sensitive federal client, the check confused me with a sexually abusive priest with a different name, in a state I had not visited.  How could this happen?  It reminded me of how thoroughly someone had attacked my reputation years before at SelectQuote.  Given Jen’s instant dislike, I began to suspect it she was the unidentified woman in the break-in during that time.

I was just going to ignore it so long as she wasn’t giving me trouble.  When she began moving in on my boss, I knew my days were numbered, and I hoped I could finish out the year and then jump ship.

High School Girls and Middle Aged Men

Perhaps in reporting on the actions of Jennyfer Phan, I have under-emphasized an important angle to the story – the promotion of middle aged men having sex with underage girls.  If a seventeen year old was caught leaving my place, the natural assumption is that I knew she was there.  Not everyone who would have been accusing me was complicit, of course.  Someone who could incorrectly make such an accusation might fairly be said to not object strongly to such couplings, but they probably don’t support them.

Now an adult

Jennyfer Phan – now an adult

The same could not be said of Jen herself, and whoever else knew that they were intentionally setting me up to look like I was having sex with a seventeen year old.  Being seventeen at the time, Jen probably felt like an adult and may not have seen the significance.  I’m not too concerned with then, I’m focusing on now.

Right now, I was fired at the direction of this woman.  She can understand the significance now, as can her new accomplice at CollabNet, Richard Moon.  In fact, Richard is a divorced middle aged man, obviously interested in women far his junior.  As much younger as high school, I cannot say.  The way he came up with a manufactured paper trail for my termination suggests he is too wily to be caught easily if he is interested in teenage girls.

We can say that  anyone supporting Jen’s actions then does support the statutory rape of teenagers, whether or not they partake of such acts.  If for no other reason than a public false accusation makes people doubt real victims.

Hunting me down to fire me, or going along with such a plan, is no trivial level of support.  It says that not only is it acceptable for older men to sleep with underage girls, the men who do so are powerful.  If you too want power, you should keep silent if you know anything about such a relationship.

Phantom Arrests

The arrests on my block, near 168 Langton St., that my wife mentioned to me last month have not shown up at or in CrimeMaps.  To me, this suggests that there is an ongoing investigation.  Since the police have been content to blame whatever it is on me for six years, my own need to clear my name takes precedence.

The police likely didn’t enter this data, because the think they can find more suspects by keeping it quiet.  This would be the case if the arrestees were selling something that they shouldn’t.  Underage porn, underage prostitutes, or drugs come to mind.  I really don’t know these guys, and the police are often wrong, but the possibility does offer an explanation as to how circumstances turned against me so quickly in 2010.

If a girl in high school was involved in anything sordid on the block, it would probably raise some eyebrows.  After a few retellings, her connection might just become ‘that guy in the middle of the block.’  I’ve been here awhile, and I do try to make any official block parties, the two guys in question might have kept a lower profile.  Or they could have intentionally hijacked a rumor to put it on me.

Cops Talking Smack?

I recall that a police report filed in 2010 repeatedly referred to my wife Maki as Mika.  Likely a mistake, but in this same police report there was a major false statement, that was not even plausible under the circumstances.  So, the cops were definitely fabricating things, in order to get the results they wanted from family court.

Mika, pregnant, at my daughter’s graduation.

You see, I do know a Mika, and she bears some resemblance to Jen Phan.  Not much, but a quick look at a partially obscured face and I can see how the two might be confused.  The cops might have been trying to send a message that they knew about Mika and me.

There was no Mika and me.  I didn’t know her yet, but my daughter was on the wait list for the preschool where Mika taught.  Tenuous to say the least, but I had no connection whatsoever with Jen (who apparently was the woman breaking-in).

Steel and Stealing

My Mykitas

My Mykitas

It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve been at CollabNet, and my $500 Mykita glasses are still gone.  I know, kind of pricey, but no prescription glasses are cheap.  And I wear them on my face everyday, so I want something that looks good.  Besides, they were steel frames.  Thin, but still steel.

Most materials, if you pull on them enough times, they will break.  Even with a weak pull.  Not steel.  It is one of the few materials with an endurance limit, stresses below the limit can be reproduced ad infinitum.

Also consider that medical science has shown that it is possible to make people see light, or twitch involuntarily in response to flickering magnetic fields.  Therapy using such techniques causes a long lasting decrease in the resistance of neural pathways.

So maybe all those people complaining that power lines were affecting them weren’t talking turkey.  Alternating current would cause a changing magnetic field.  Much smaller by the time it reached your brain, but if you’re exposed to it everyday…

The Price of Buckshot

I’ll go off on a bit of a tangent here, to talk about what I’m doing with my shotgun. I figure it’s my blog and all, but I’m throwing in something for the local reader. Going over commentary on local ammunition ordinances, it seems that firearms have become so rare that people glean all their knowledge from movies which do not reflect reality.

For instance, only a mass shooter would need fewer than 100 rounds over an appreciable length of time.  Whether you’re hunting, or serving as a check to the ever stronger powers that be, you really need to put many more rounds than that through your gun to be effective.  If you really just want to shoot into a crowd of people, and don’t care who you hit, you may as well fire solid gold at them.  Getting 50 random strangers seems to be about the max you’ll get. I’m not convinced that a large vehicle wouldn’t be more effective, like that Bastille Day massacre..

I’ll explain why you need this practice, using the most important example of defending against an authoritarian regimes.  Let’s say we have a President Trump, and there is an economic downturn.  Stormtroopers begins rounding up Spanish speakers.  They aren’t busting down your door, in the typical San Francisco apartment, you’d never make it to your gun.  Let’s say they’re a mere 50 yards down.  Close combat with a long gun.

If a man firing from partial cover gives you as much as 18 inches to shoot at, you’ll have around half a degree arc making up that target.  It’s about two minutes per inch at 50 yards.  360 degrees in a circle, so we’re talking a pretty small percentage of your field of view.  He’s moving or firing back, so you aren’t automatically going to score hits.

I bring this up, because I’ve been working on my shotgun, and therefore need to buy more ammo to test.  Overreaching local ordinance dissuades most online sellers from shipping to San Francisco.  Buckshot and slugs are more than a dollar a pop from retail sellers.  It’s easy to get lane time, but I find myself cutting it short to have rounds at home.  Perhaps I need to look at reloading.  Or find a trap range that isn’t closing, birdshot is much cheaper.  In the meantime, I’ll just get ammo shipped outside the city.

Measurement and Misdirection

In the middle of summer, I was trailing the rest of the technical staff in CollabNet’s South San Francisco office in hours put in on the ping pong table by a wide margin.  Not everyone played, there was a lot of hanging out and shooting the bull as well.  I was not to be compared to my peers here, however.  I was put on notice that my performance compared to a team in Chennai, India was lacking.

Often, this sort of chat means you’ve been fired, and for some reason the company needs to take extra care to have a paper trail documenting your termination.  Even without the Front Office Coordinator beguiling higher-ups, including my boss Richard Moon, there were plenty of signs that I was supposed to fail.

My role with the CERT team was a hybrid of Engineering and Support.  If a bug was beyond the level 2 teams ability to solve, needed a programmer, yet required a quicker response than Engineering could deliver, it went to CERT.  My former boss, who created and championed the team, had left to start a new venture in India.  He was the star of the team, focused more on rolling new patches than administration.

In the monthly South San Francisco all hands meeting, which lasts around 9o minutes, CERT got about 15 seconds.  It was used to give a statistic, without context or explanation.  To the executives, it appeared my team was simply a cost center, and not a way to differentiate CollabNet from competitors.

Even so, I decided to treat the concern expressed about number of tickets closed as genuine.  But things quickly became farcical.  I had performance improvements, which could help a number of customers who were just being given an unverifiable explanation, and then told to reboot.