Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Shooting in Practice

There is much advice about shooting out there, but none of it can beat time at the range.  I just purchased my first firearm, though I’ve shot a few over the years.  I was pleasantly surprised with how my Mossberg 12 gauge handled when I took it out to the range.

First off, a semi-automatic action makes a huge difference in a shotgun.  I’d shot trap with a few 12 gauge pumps, and had pretty bad bruising afterwards.  This was while wearing winter coats as well.  I was not bruised at all after putting 25 shells through my 930.  It felt much like a large man was shoving me, whereas with the pump shotguns, it was like a large man was hitting me.


15 shells of 9 pellet 00 buckshot

Second, I’m happy that I decided to get a barrel with a choke.  Much praise has been written about Federal’s FliteControl wad, and how well it keeps shot together.  Due to range rules, I was unable to test a long distance, but at short range a Modified choke kept all the buckshot on the target.  The majority of it was going through the same holes in the paper, in fact.  135 pellets were fired on this target, both Winchester Super X and Federal non FliteControl loads.  This is important, if you want to be able to use a little bit cheaper ammo.

I was a little disappointed with the fiber optic front bead.  Bow fiber optic sights are much brighter, because they use long strands to collect light for the small portion that is actually in the sight.  I guess people decided shotgunners don’t want brightly colored strands hanging from their gun.


I just went through the California firearms check.  I was on tenterhooks, because disinformation had been used to mess up my background check for work.  Either clearing that up fixed disinformation in government databases, too, or they are harder to fool to begin with.

With the Oakland police sex scandal spreading to the SFPD, we should wonder if the unidentified woman who was breaking into my place was just some random prostitute.  Maybe that’s how the police do it on this side of the bay, have the call girl scout out a nearby place that isn’t associated with either of them.  After all, later that year they started breaking in to peoples’ homes and stealing stuff.

A young hooker talking smack because I screwed up her law enforcement lovin’ would certainly have far reaching effects.  Some dude working in the SelectQuote mailroom tried to sell me on a seedy massage parlor once, I think there are plausible routes for this sort of rumor to find its way back to my workplace at the time.  Obviously I need to provide my own deterrent.

Michelle Tan Disambiguation

I’ve tried to be clear on which Michelle Tan to which I am referring.  Previously, I used Google to determine who might be confused with Michelle Min Tan.  A number of years before threatening to kill my daughter, Michelle Tan herself encouraged such confusion offline.

Before her move to Pleasanton, Michelle lived in San Pablo.  On the rare occasions a bunch of people in our group were taking BART together, she would claim to live in Fremont, and board those trains, heading the wrong direction.  I never cared, and thought maybe she didn’t feel San Pablo was a prestigious zip code.

Looking back, it does seem like she was trying to misdirect people who might want to find her.  There used to be another Michelle Tan in Fremont, so that could have been effective.  Sort of like if I convinced people that I lived in Ukiah, so that stalkers would go get beat down by the MMA fighter Tom Dunham.

Perhaps whatever allows Michelle Tan and Jong Lee to own 4 bay area homes gets them some enemies.  If there are a number of people looking for her, I’d hate for them to get lost.  I don’t want to shirk, but if she isn’t currently a threat, hunter down risks putting my family in a bad spot.

ISIS Against San Francisco

ISIS is trying to drum up support for an attack in San Francisco.  Thus targeting many of the Americans that are least likely to support increasing hostilities against them.  Not really a wise long term goal, but perhaps the group needs to distract attention from the lack of expansion of their caliphate.

It is easy to say a blow against San Francisco is a blow against immorality.  Baby killers, pedophiles, and corruption in high places.  These are problems that Americans need to solve.  But it is difficult to see the allure of ISIS for would be terrorists living here.

Let’s take sexual immorality, for example.  If I had only slept with one woman in my entire life, perhaps it would mean more.  Even if cheapened, I don’t think many women would argue cunnilingus is a negative.

ISIS, on the other hand, has the holy rape, forced marriage thing going on.  How does one argue that they are promoting sexual morality, when they punish women with sex?  Is this supposed to teach nonbelievers?  It likely teaches the rapist in ways his later wives won’t appreciate.

More Sex Crimes from Authorities

Were it not for the Tom Meyer connection, I’d leave the Oakland Police Department alone on the scandal involving a young prostitute.  There is plenty of scandal on this side of the Bay.  The attempt to protect a molester who had a position of trust in the Catholic Church puts my troubles with SelectQuote in a whole new light.

There are enough molesters in power around here that they actually are able ,to go after those who they deem to be a threat to their sickening lifestyle.  In the absence of any reason, it really appears the act of bringing a Bible in to SelectQuote around Christmas angered people there enough that they wanted to kill my daughter.  Perhaps these sick individuals are looking for a low cost way to generate the wrath of the fornications of the great city.

We’ve seen:

  • Sex trips to Cambodia well known in the SFPD.
  • Decorated San Francisco officer arrested with porn featuring eight year old boy.
  • Powerful campaign manager, fixer, and lobbyist arrested for truly gruesome sounding child porn.
  • Blatant attempt to protect Satan’s saboteur – a pedophile priest.
  • No one seems to be going down for all this.

Sell Your Cloak and Buy a Sword

Sell your cloak and buy a sword. Luke 22:36 No less than the Son of God send this. In the hierarchy of needs, water, food, infantry weapon, and then protection from the elements.

784px-Jesus_wanted_posterWhy would Jesus, known for preaching peace, feel so strongly about the right to bear arms?  Perhaps a keen understanding of people who have power over their fellow man.  Christ was arrested, tried, exhausted the appeals process, sentenced to death, and executed by the proper authorities, under the legal standards of the time.

People in power will tend to define rights and morals in their own favor, until further oppression is no longer in their own interests.  Even though Jesus exhorted followers to turn the other cheek, if they were armed in a similar fashion as authorities it would serve as a deterrent.  Also, God acted in favor of greater freedom for His people throughout the Old Testament.  Jesus did not come to overturn His Father’s work.  We see Jesus’s right hand man Peter snap and smack a posse member upside the head with his sword during Jesus’s arrest.  When legal remedies fail, despots must still weigh the risk of an effective uprising.

The Orlando shooting is a tragedy.  Statistics in a large population can be deceiving, however.   27 people die every day from drunk driving.  A quick death while out gallivanting is arguably better than being eaten by an alligator right after you learned how to walk.

What Did Fake Ed Know?

Early on, I dismissed fake Ed’s blog, which stated that I was being framed for pedophilia.  Now we know that I wasn’t so much being framed, as being set up to take the fall for a sexually abusive priest.  Not quite what the blog stated, but pretty darn close given how unlikely his accusation seemed at first glance.


Kamala Harris

He also references Kamala Harris in his post.  (Originally at it has been taken down despite my commenting on the post.)  I don’t know about his charge that she’s a racist.  I sort of assume they’ve run this same scam against a number of African Americans.  Given bias in the criminal justice system, that would be much lower risk, and we’d likely never hear from the victims.  So I doubt my race was a factor.

Kamala was the District Attorney for San Francisco while many of the dirty deeds against me were perpetrated.  The cops seemed to have been in on this, so it isn’t far-fetched to suspect the DA could have been involved.  The police and the prosecuting attorneys are almost always on the same side.  The exceptions, when dirty cops were getting prosecuted, came after Kamala left for Sacramento.

There really isn’t any sort of proof, at least nothing I have access to.  But that blog has been right on an outlandish claim before.  I see the original claim has been taken down, despite being proved correct.  This points to pressure being placed on the writer.  Kamala Harris did just win the primary for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat.