Girl threatened, subsequent dirty deeds from SelectQuote and cops.

Keys Hanging From My Window

Weird little coincidences usually mean nothing.  However, as we see how widespread my opposition has been, how they have been proven corrupt time and time again, it is maybe worthwhile to quickly mention on of the stranger details again.  Especially since the police refused to take a report on a break-in by a woman with a knife, which occurred at the same time.

I actually had two break-ins in quick succession.  During the first, a knife was stolen from my place.  I did not see this one happen.  The second one, I actually saw a woman running out of my apartment, but I gave up chase once she was outside, given the fact that I wasn’t dressed.  The lock was not forced, either it was picked or the burglar had a master key.

The second one came on the very day my then estranged wife was due back in town.  The knife was now back in my apartment.  I called the police, but they said they didn’t want to get involved in my divorce.  After this, I noticed keys hanging from my front window.  They weren’t for my door, so I left them, thinking perhaps someone left them after drinking.

The Gestapo will Protect You From Guns

With the second mass shooting this year specifically targeting Christians, we have some talk of gun control. People just aren’t too good at understanding scale. Over 30,000 people die from guns in America each year (note this lumps legitimate defensive use and justifiable homicide in with accidents and crime). 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews were killed as part of the Final Solution.

As this occurs, I can’t help but notice that coverage on Enrique Pearce has trailed off just like it did on Richard Hastings. The cops don’t appear to be at fault on this one, they had enough to get a judge to charge him and issue restraining orders. Pearce was due back in court. The press has taken aim at his client, the Academy of Art, now that he’s gone. But no word on an actual trial.

SDP Iron Front poster

SDP Iron Front poster

Child molesters, Satanists, and at least one (probably all) porn studio don’t just share the same understanding of how to use pain as the Canaanites of old. They share intimate access to power in San Francisco. I wouldn’t want to suggest that the sorcery which will enrich the merchants of the great city (known spiritually as Egypt, Sodom, and the place our Lord was crucified) is a real and present force. That kind of crazy talk would probably lead to a loss of gun rights.

Five Years In

As we approach the end of September, it has been five years since I was put on leave at SelectQuote for daring to defend my child.  I suspect they started six years ago, but I don’t know why or when exactly.  If it were for anything important, I would know.  So it could have been simply a desire to hurt children (or sell their own), meaning it could have begun anytime, really.

While clearly they will not come to justice with Ed Lee’s political machine in power, the last year has demonstrated that this struggle is worthwhile in a broader context.  Michelle Tan and her wealthy backers have been glorified for their ability to go after innocent children with impunity.  The power amassed by various molesters in San Francisco is what is driving SelectQuote’s protection.

We see how the contagion has spread to the Midwest.  Discrimination claims were filed in the Kansas City office, and though a cozy relationship with the government there will help SelectQuote, a pattern has been established.

I also exposed SelectQuote’s lax controls on customer data.  SelectQuote responded through the devil’s advocates at Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher.  This, however, is a double edged sword.  While that firm is highly regarded, it is for getting powerful firms off when they are clearly wrong.

Weaponizing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Are you still unconvinced that remotely generating activity in a target’s brain really has an effect on him?  Using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to induce movement in a patient is part of the calibration procedure at Johns Hopkins:

The TMS physician then measures the patient’s motor threshold, by administering several brief pulses. The motor threshold is the minimum amount of power necessary to make the patient’s thumb twitch, and varies from individual to individual. Measuring the motor threshold helps the physician personalize the treatment settings and determine the amount of energy required to stimulate brain cells.

TMS Field

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How might such involuntary twitching affect a person unaware of this ‘treatment’?

A cursory look at TMS reveals immediate possibilities to increase the range.  Rather than two empty loops generating the magnetic pulses, have two parallel arrays or ferromagnetic rods, angled slightly to converge on a focal point, with large electrical cables wound tightly around them.  Electromagnets are normally created in such a way, a single loop of wire is an extremely inefficient way of creating a magnetic field with electrical current.

The magnetic field strength varies with how much current can be used.  Even with mundane technologies, high field strengths can be generated if you’re will to draw power.  No superconductors or exotic materials needed.

At Chaparral Steel, I worked in the melt shop of an electric arc furnace steel plant.  The giant cables to the furnaces would sway several feet further apart with each arc in the furnaces.  This is because, at more than 400 kWh per ton of steel, the furnace will draw 40 to 50 megawatt hours per filling of a 100 ton ladle. These magnetic fields were incidental, were those cables wound around a magnetic core, much greater field strengths would be achievable.

So there isn’t really a question that a country with psychiatrists willing to use their profession to torture could make use of such a set-up.  After all, part of the reason that it’s been so hard to do double blind trials with TMS is that the level of discomfort involved makes it hard make a believable placebo.  And that is at therapeutic levels.

Consumer EEG and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

I’ve written before about how transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used to cause people to see light that was not there.  Pretty significant, because everything you’ve ever seen, you’ve seen in your mind.  Therapeutic uses involve placing the coils near the head, but that may not be the limit of what’s possible when combined with other research.  The magnetic bottle approach to containing super heated plasma for controlled fusion certainly has produced strong magnets, for example.

So whatever you may think about the Russian and Chinese research into remote influencing, it is a certainty that with the right equipment, you really can beam stuff into people’s heads.  So perhaps another look at defenses is in order.  In Viktor Korchnoi’s World Chess Championship with Anatoly Karpov, he used meditation intended to increase concentration (as opposed to types intended to increase calm).  While I can’t speak to this particular application of mental exercise, it does make sense.  Intense concentration allows you to ignore voices of the people around you, why not other stimuli?

Normalized EEGConcentration can be indicated by a low ratio of cortical theta or low alpha to beta brainwaves.  Do note that looking at ratios of normalized EEG power is meaningless, make sure you are tracking raw data. While stimulants remain the preferred choice of most doctors to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, and we know they are effective in the general population due to the use of amphetamines or mondafinil by the U. S. military, alternatives remain desirable.

Ephedrine has been removed from the store shelves, and you may not want medications in a database if you can help it.  I for one, have had a detailed bit of my medical history published on the web.  It was wrong in a way that might be expected of someone reading from a screwed up record in a mandated database.  Or you might have difficulty concentrating, but it does not rise to the level of pathology. Neurofeedback is gaining acceptance as an option to increase concentration.

Why I Harp on Molestation

This seems pretty obvious, but for those new to this site, I’ve pursued the molestation angle because:

  1. Trying to kill someone’s kid puts your own child’s life at risk.
  2. If you put your kid’s life on the line, for no apparent reason, you might sell him in other ways.
  3. It’s understandable for police to blow off an accusation they can’t prove, but to actively hinder a father protecting his daughter is remarkable.
  4. Plenty of people with the power to make remarkable things happen could be in this market.
  5. Molesters tick me off.

Given San Francisco’s low number of children, my first point may be contentious. Even among parents, there will be a few that figure as long as it isn’t their kid, meh. I’d hope that at least in an abstract way everyone could understand that some people are more offended by an attack on someone close to them than themselves. And they might want to hurt the attacker as much as possible.

That said, I’m on a crusade, not out for revenge. I’m confident that there will be another chance to aid the cause. We will see more of this, given the incredible gluttony of both child predators and those who can never be bothered to assist in some way.  Spreading truth and a defensive posture should slow my opposition to some extent in the meantime.

How About a Hung Jury?

We hear much about the Islamic State’s use of social media to further their jihad.  They are able to recruit new members, and supposedly induce people not connected to their organization to carry out suicide attacks.  If these stories of ISIS influence on lone wolf actors aren’t overblown, the persuasive power of ISIS propaganda is astonishing.  I’m not sure if I can even meet the much more modest goal of allowing SelectQuote’s next victim leeway to defend his family and himself.

For there is little reason to believe that we aren’t seeing a pattern of behavior from SelectQuote.  Even while I was there, peepholes were installed in all the doors, and we were warned about the possibility of ex-employees trying to get back in.  I was told of someone brandishing a knife on another floor, and there was talk of police involvement in some terminations.

Michelle Tan and husband
Michelle Tan with husband Jong Lee

While the SFPD’s arrest of prominent politico Enrique Pearce for child porn give hope that they are turning things around, my situation illustrates that SelectQuote’s next victim can expect police to be working against any attempt to defend his own family.  There are child predators pulling strings at City Hall, and there were some on the force.  This can directly benefit someone like Michelle Tan at SelectQuote, but the ability to taint police intervention does not end there.

Why Uncertainty Over Bāăl Shamin?

Diacritics from printed King James Bible, not matching newscaster’s pronunciation (regional variation?) – Ed

Reports have come in with wildly different dates for the destruction of this temple of Bāăl.  Surely satellite imagery can pin the date down.  This could be important, as I suspect that the Islamic State is fairly adept at media manipulation.

We are told that they have sufficient capability to convince Americans to carry out attacks on American soil.  Certainly they have a good sense of timing, the public was already chafing against police brutality in the run up to the Fourth.  The Fourth is one of the few times middle-class America heads to the inner cities in many areas that exhibit the ‘white-flight’ population pattern.

Thus, even in the absence of an attack, tensions between police, minorities, and white suburbanites could have provoked something.  Also, as I understand Islamic prophecy (which admittedly isn’t much), the Islamic State must expand to maintain a claim to having established a caliphate.

Academy of Art Expose Ruffles Feathers

I think we have another attack from the NAMBLA hacking team.  Or at least an attempt to outrun my hosting limits.  In all seriousness, those guys are probably quite sneaky.  I can see them right now, wondering how I got through layers of obfuscation to pin the blame on them.

Well, while I can understand indifference, really the only way you can care enough about protecting these people, risking jail just to prevent my reporting the facts, is if you rape children.  NAMBLA.  While chances of attracting an agency that investigate computer crimes is low, they might just want to know who would help Pearce.

Anyway, shortly after publishing my coverage of the Forbes “Black Arts” piece, a traffic spike of above 60,000 page requests, all from User-Agent “jack”, ran until early morning.  This is well above normal traffic levels.  I zeroed in on how the man that funnels the money that can put you above the law in San Francisco was caught with truly disturbing images and video.