Girl threatened, subsequent dirty deeds from SelectQuote and cops.

Academy of Art Expose Ruffles Feathers

I think we have another attack from the NAMBLA hacking team.  Or at least an attempt to outrun my hosting limits.  In all seriousness, those guys are probably quite sneaky.  I can see them right now, wondering how I got through layers of obfuscation to pin the blame on them.

Well, while I can understand indifference, really the only way you can care enough about protecting these people, risking jail just to prevent my reporting the facts, is if you rape children.  NAMBLA.  While chances of attracting an agency that investigate computer crimes is low, they might just want to know who would help Pearce.

Anyway, shortly after publishing my coverage of the Forbes “Black Arts” piece, a traffic spike of above 60,000 page requests, all from User-Agent “jack”, ran until early morning.  This is well above normal traffic levels.  I zeroed in on how the man that funnels the money that can put you above the law in San Francisco was caught with truly disturbing images and video.

Forbes Taking on Academy of Art

I’ve recently mentioned how effective political protection is for the Academy of Art, this is one of the issues discussed in Forbes expose.

AAU has also run into trouble on the ground. The Stephens family–who owns nearly all of the university’s buildings–has outstanding planning-code violations on 31 of their 40-plus properties, some dating back to 2005. The violations chiefly involve unlawfully converting offices into classrooms or transforming hotels and apartments–including rent-controlled housing–into dorms. AAU illegally operated for years without an Institutional Master Plan, and it has spent seven years drafting an environmental impact report that typically takes three years. AAU blames the delay on the city’s timetable.

“It’s an operation of lawlessness never seen in an otherwise reasonably operating city,” says San Francisco Planning Commissioner Kathrin Moore.

Still, AAU has faced fines of just $420,000 for violations on a single property, which it hasn’t paid, according to a planning department spokesperson. It has paid some $50,000 in fees for permit violations on multiple buildings. Aaron Peskin, a former city supervisor running for reelection this year, accused Mayor Ed Lee of running interference on behalf of AAU. Stephens is frequently photographed with Lee. She and the planning department spokesperson deny that Lee has stepped in; Lee’s office didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Forbes also has hard numbers for the Academy’s land grabs – $420 million net for the real estate, with operating income of tens of millions per year on student housing.

The Biblical Right to Privacy

I have previously opined on the immorality of NSA snooping being used in domestic drug cases.  While it seems pretty clear to me from the general story arc of the Bible, I know some would accuse me of novelty.  Not so!  We are still in Genesis when this exact issue is covered.

For although Noah was righteous in his generations, he did upon one occasion hit his drug of choice a little too hard.  While God does allow alcohol, there are numerous verses warnings about getting drunk and forgetting about what you should be doing, using alcohol for sexual assault, etc.  After drinking Noah retired to his tent and lay naked.

His youngest son Ham came inside the tent, saw Noah naked, and proceeded to go around talking smack about it.  In contrast, the righteous sons of Noah went in to cover him without even looking at Noah.  When Noah awoke, he cursed Ham’s son Canaan and his descendants (father of the hated nation of Canaan).

The meaning is clear: it is not our responsibility to stick our noses in other people business to find sin.  Noah was known as righteous in his generations.  Even if he was using one of the most dangerous drugs known to man, he wasn’t screwing up.  Ham might have thought Noah would one day screw up due to wine, but he did not know all that was, is, and will be – like God does.

City Hall Corruption Roundup

Friday afternoon is a good time to survey recent news on local government corruption. Convicted mobster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow brings us much of the material, as his lawyers released evidence from a Federal corruption probe that already felled Leland Yee.

Byline chronicles the history of corruption under Ed Lee’s administration:

But that was always a bullshit cover story, and the dubious and unethical “Run Ed Run” campaign started before Newsom’s scent had even evaporated from Room 200, run by downtown’s go-to dirty trickster Enrique Pearce, a deranged soul now being prosecuted for possessing volumes of child pornography. 

You couldn’t make this shit up, and it wouldn’t be plausible as fiction, but that’s just how far down the rabbit hole that San Francisco politics have gone. Yet the weirdest part of all is that the San Francisco Chronicle and the rest of the political mainstream acts as if this is all quite normal, printing Lee’s ridiculous denials of corruption without smell-testing them first, causing readers to either shake their heads in disbelief, nod in unison, or just tune out. 

“You pay to play here. We got it. We know this. We are the best at this game, uh, better than New York. We do it a little more sophisticated than New Yorkers. We do it without the mafia,” Lee political appointee and campaign worker Zula Jones

 A State Assemblyman is intimidated by Chow’s ominous ad taken out in a Chinese language paper.

My own slant.

Finally, NYPD’s assertion that Minority Report is here. Since SFPD got their current CompStat system from New York via Gascon, this bears watching.

Client Virtualization For Software Support

Imagine a long haul trucker notices he is losing oil pressure.  He hits a button, and Mack headquarters fires a repair bot at his location.  The bot adds oil while the semi cruises down the highway, and it takes measurements to see if the driver must put it in neutral to coast while the engine is quickly rebuilt.  Good thing this isn’t a high security truck, or the robot would need to be preprogrammed at Mack to diagnose with little prior information.

If the big rig dropped below 40 mph during the repair, there is grumbling.  If the truck actually stopped at any point, it is a major catastrophe, and Mack’s reputation is tarnished with that trucker.  This is why developers love software as a service – at least they’re on the truck and perform routine maintenance and updates. 

Software doesn’t suffer from fatigue failures, but enterprise software with powerful customization options will be used in unanticipated ways.  Even real world datasets, with problems shoehorned in to fit the tool will cause different installations of the same software to behave differently.  My experience at software companies with both cloud and on premises offerings has highlighted that certain types of customers demand a self hosted solution, giving themselves full control.

This leads to supporting multiple software versions, with code changes not simply being applied to the current development version.  In a green field product, even a relatively complicated Java build involving ant, gradle, maven can probably be run by simply checking out the appropriate code versions.  Hopefully, Continuous Integration tools are building software constantly, and environmental stuff is handled outside the build proper, through Chef, Puppet, or similar tools.  Any IDE can build the code after getting some plugins and configuring it properly.

Raymond Chow Says City Hall Got Free Pass

Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow began firing back at the government earlier this week.  He isCity Hall accused of racketeering, gun-running, and selling stolen or smuggled booze and smokes.  Chow has done time for running the Chinese underworld in the city, making him a juicy target for the FBI.

Chow wants government officials to be held to the same standard as the Tong.  This investigation already brought down Leland Yee and Keith Jackson, but they were not isolated examples.  This week Chow pointed out that federal prosecutors aren’t going after City Hall officials who were also implicated in the wiretaps.

For example, an underling of Mayor Ed Lee explains to a donor that his $10,000 donation had to be split into $500 chunks to fly under campaign finance rules, but that the Mayor knew who was really behind the money.  This agent then posed as a businessman to have a meeting with Lee.  Now, local prosecutors may look at some of these allegations.

Chow filed a brief stating that the fed’s unwillingness to go after local politicians was selective prosecution, and that this revealed a politically tainted investigation.  Prosecution responded by saying that they can can badmouth Mr. Chow in the media, but if he criticizes them, it is a violation of a protective order.

Do Molesters In Power Get Busted?

I noticed when I circled back to check on Richard Hastings, that it isn’t clear if pedophiles in San Francisco actually ever go down for their crimes. Hastings isn’t just known for shooting a young black man in the back over bus fare (and being decorated for it), he also faced 10 counts of molestation and possession of porn of an eight year old.

He was first appended in 2013, but it was early 2014 when charges were filed. The last time I have for a hearing was for December 2014. I know that cases are often sealed, but wouldn’t there at least be a mention that he will serve time?

Because this kind of crime isn’t a done deal in San Francisco. The SFPD cop who killed himself in a Cambodian jail over molestation charges first was investigated for sex tourism in 2001. The Cambodians got him in 2006.

The President of the Police Officers Association said he’d been going over there for 20 years, and his fellow officers knew why. That was the last we heard of SFPD sex tourism. Is such an arrest merely taken as being chided for getting a little out of hand?

Different Kinds of Attention

For whatever reason, Google continues to be the only search engine that does not rank me well for “SelectQuote Review.”  It seems that brief hiatus I took while looking for a job in the Fall of 2011 really hurt me in their eyes.  I was doing well up until that point.

Interestingly, I do seem to do well for more tangential queries.  Especially the names of corrupt individuals working for the government or at SelectQuote.  Michelle Tan is a good example. Recently I have been doing quite well for John Henry or Enrique Pierce.

Fitting, because it is hard to miss that hacking attempts against this site increased dramatically after I began covering how this politico is accused of owning child porn.  They have subsided now, after I began writing about these attempts. It is hard to believe that a bunch of pedophiles spontaneously came to Pearce’s defense.

Charles Koch on Welfare for the Rich

“In my view, we’re heading toward a two-tiered society, a society that is destroying opportunities for the disadvantaged and creating welfare for the rich,” Koch said. “Misguided policies are a creating a permanent underclass, crippling our economy and corrupting the business community—present company excepted, of course. But what this is doing, then, is turning more and more Americans against what they mistakenly believe is free enterprise.” Charles Koch via Time

Mr. Koch was speaking about the corruption of the banking industry, asking for handouts.  As a result, they now are ensnared, and shell out political donations to get favorable treatment from their watchers. 

I’m glad to see a free market advocate fighting this fight.  I’ve become pessimistic enough that I believe the only way to keep the benefits of capitalism, without leading to the underclass Koch predicts, is the credible threat of a libertarian socialist (anarchist) revolution.

Not just banking is affected, the scoundrels at AIG were partying it up even as they requested taxpayer funded bailouts.  The corruption spreads, SelectQuote founder and CEO Charan Singh often went on junkets with SelectQuote’s stable of carriers, such as AIG.