Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Unplanned Outages Have Been Resolved

Over the last 24 hours, some users may have been unable to reach SelectQuote Review.  This time it was not an outside attempt to bring down my site, although it was related to those incidents.  I got too aggressive with rules meant to drop junk requests without wasting too many resources on them.

For those unfamiliar with PHP hosting, everyone jumps through a lot of hoops to use resources sparingly, because providers are actually serving up a number of site per server.  Various junk or malicious requests can exceed resource allotments, even without a huge spike in usage.  Hosts set up PHP to use suexec to prevent customers from stepping on each other, but this limits some of the performance and security steps that can be taken.

The Toll on my Wife

My last post about the rumors likely spread by the illegal entries into my apartment might cause you to think that my wife Maki was behind it.  However, I’ve been back together with one of the very few women capable of taking a stand in this city for about two years now.  And it is abundantly clear that she must work against this mob of women as well.

Maki, Maki, Maki

My Maki, Maki, and Maki

Her multiple attempts to get rid of any government aid and our child support case is a good example.  Before she moved back in, she had lawyers from a government funded non-profit who were getting her any aid she qualified for.  Once I got a new job, logically, this should end.  In California, child support over $50 per month is diverted to the state if there is any government assistance.  I only had a case with Maki, who had moved back in.

Therefore, we were paying $1950 a month for food stamps.  The government workers were diverting this to state coffers, so had little incentive to get this done.  Heck, I’d say they were trying to cause welfare fraud, except that $1950 diversion was automatic.  Who is going to pay that for cereal and peanut butter?

From SelectQuote to my Neighborhood

Around the time a woman was breaking into my apartment, various allusions to this event were made at SelectQuote Insurance.  The method of entry suggests theatrics were planned from the get go.  The keys left hanging on my window didn’t open anything, but were probably there to suggest that they opened my door.  The woman probably had a master key, but conceivably could have picked the lock while pretending to use the keys as well.

I was given a fake rock for hiding keys while on the job at SelectQuote around this time.  Just out of the blue.  I was also warned to change my locks before my then estranged wife got back into town.  Which was exactly when the break-in took place.

The landlord lawyered up when I asked if anyone else could have a master key, and the disappearance of the mysterious hanging keys coincided with a visit from him.  This leads to the possibility that the woman was friends with his son Dom.  Given he was probably just out of high school at the time, this would have been a problem for me.

Some ignorant young trollop, setting things up to look like we had some sort of relationship, right when I was going through a separation with my wife.  This sort of set-up would help cover her story, if I had started dating again she’d have to work much harder to squash any challenges to her fiction.  While it’s not clear exactly what sort of filth she was peddling, it is clear it was foul.

Not only was the situation beyond the capacity of the intruder to understand, the fact I don’t even know why my daughter’s life was threatened shows that the conspirators have raised the most ignorant, immoral , and inexperienced to rule over the rest of us.  To take Noah’s situation again, obviously if some little jerk is going to be up in his tent to talk smack about him Noah might feel like drinking himself into a stupor more often.  It is quite logical why God says allowing the Canaanites to live among us will lead us to sin.  Assuming we aren’t going to kill them all, isn’t time to make them take some responsibility?

It is clear that a number of people were drawn in.  For example, at a nightclub some people, who weren’t regulars, weren’t trying to fit in, never showed up again began asking me some questions that suggested they had some (slightly incorrect) background  knowledge about me.  On the young side for the event in question.

Who Cares if it’s not a Hydrogen Bomb?

Kim Jong-Un has provided a nostalgic look back to the years of the Cold War nuclear arms race. In a contest substituting megatons for penis length, staggering amounts of destructive power were stockpiled. A single U. S. Trident submarine launched ballistic missile could be equipped with 12 W-88 warheads of 475 kilotons a piece. Little Boy, detonated on Hiroshima, was a mere 15 kT.

On the other hand, Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t doing too well after Little Boy and Fat Man. So our trumpeting that that North Korea’s nuke isn’t a real Hydrogen bomb doesn’t make it harmless. The DPRK test registered somewhere around 10 kT, and they have missiles capable of hitting a good portion of the United States.

It’s been suggested that we can shoot down such missiles. Hopefully that’s true. I don’t know where you intercept such a high altitude missile. Aegis cruisers near Korea, or land based interceptors when they’re coming down. A high altitude detonation over the United States would still cause widespread problems due to electromagnetic pulse and fallout. I don’t know if a missile can be hit before such a detonation, and I’m sure the government isn’t saying.

For propaganda reasons, our government has always held the position that only an Equilibrium Super design is a true Hydrogen bomb. Other designs cause thermonuclear reactions, but still achieve a great portion of their destructive power from plain old fission. These “boosted” designs create more fission from neutrons emitted by their fusion reactions. Only a small percentage of the Uranium or Plutonium undergoes fission before blowing apart in non-boosted designs, so the boosted bombs are a step forward.

SelectQuote Insurance Still Dirty

I’ve branched out into covering general corruption in San Francisco, but I don’t want to lose focus.  Here’s a quick survey of reasons to believe that SelectQuote Life in San Francisco is up to no good:

    • They are using the Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher law firm.  These are heavy hitters specializing in ‘challenging’ legal trouble.  A student of history might infer SelectQuote has some large liabilities, which no one will ever collect.
    • After my termination, the dirtiest players were rewarded.
    • Impersonation online to make me look bad matches that of another SelectQuote firing.
    • Successful class action for back pay brought by SelectQuote agent, settled for $750,000.
    • Drug fraud and identity theft at SelectQuote in Kansas City.

    Drug fraud at SelectQuote

    • Discrimination allegations and agents quitting, also in Kansas City.
    • Ed Donegan was also impersonated online in an effort to discredit him and me, but I don’t know if anyone in SelectQuote even knew him.  They seem to have allies who would, however.  The fakery did stop after I called it out.  Ed’s blog is no longer updated.
    • Much of the city was run by a Chinatown gangster.  Local government would have been willing to play ball.
    • The rest run by molester.  Some at SelectQuote willing to play ball.
    • SFPD and informants in my area are dirty, and shown willing to break-in and steal stuff.
    • Police report falsified during my SelectQuote troubles.  Employees of SelectQuote seemed aware of police malfeasance.

    Catch and Release

    Ghee Kung Tong

    Ghee Kung Tong

    Some were surprised Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow would take the stand in his trial for racketeering as dragonhead of the Ghee Kung Tong.  I found it surprising that Chow’s lawyers would let him admit to stabbing someone to death at age 9, and getting his first prostitute at 12.  I guess you can go ahead and keep a nickname like ‘Shrimp Boy’ if you’ve been that bad, that long.

    This sort of makes me wonder what the thinking was on letting Chow out after only serving a fraction of his sentence on prior convictions.  Like maybe the Feds were thinking that the surveillance state is so powerful, he might as well still be in jail.  It appears that they underestimated the resourcefulness of a career criminal, but this doesn’t bode well for those of us who aren’t hardened criminals.

    Probably much easier to track us to activist meetings, union halls, or even just meeting a friend who is a little rough around the edges.  Once it becomes child’s play to track anyone who isn’t out with work friends watching a corporate/state approved diversion, it becomes pretty easy to control people’s thinking.

    For the streetwise Mr. Chow, the Feds had to break out David Jordan.  Chow’s defense here is that with all the money Jordan was throwing around, what’s a few thousand in a red envelope.  This guy is apparently one charming motherfracker.  Not only did he talk his superiors into a budget in the millions, he actually got Chow hugging him, telling him he loved him.  Is it just me, or does this seem out of character for a man who first had a whore at 12 and ran brothels?

    Disarming a Man With a Knife

    I’m going to go ahead and make no one happy by pointing out that the best way to take an assailant’s knife is to shoot him.  You can kill someone with a knife.  It’s asking a lot of a cop to tell him to go ahead and take that knife when someone won’t drop it.

    I’m not saying African-Americans aren’t unfairly targeted, because they are.  This probably isn’t the best example, however.