Girl threatened, subsequent misdeeds of SelectQuote and cops in San Francisco.

Measurement and Misdirection

In the middle of summer, I was trailing the rest of the technical staff in CollabNet’s South San Francisco office in hours put in on the ping pong table by a wide margin.  Not everyone played, there was a lot of hanging out and shooting the bull as well.  I was not to be compared to my peers here, however.  I was put on notice that my performance compared to a team in Chennai, India was lacking.

Often, this sort of chat means you’ve been fired, and for some reason the company needs to take extra care to have a paper trail documenting your termination.  Even without the Front Office Coordinator beguiling higher-ups, including my boss Richard Moon, there were plenty of signs that I was supposed to fail.

My role with the CERT team was a hybrid of Engineering and Support.  If a bug was beyond the level 2 teams ability to solve, needed a programmer, yet required a quicker response than Engineering could deliver, it went to CERT.  My former boss, who created and championed the team, had left to start a new venture in India.  He was the star of the team, focused more on rolling new patches than administration.

In the monthly South San Francisco all hands meeting, which lasts around 9o minutes, CERT got about 15 seconds.  It was used to give a statistic, without context or explanation.  To the executives, it appeared my team was simply a cost center, and not a way to differentiate CollabNet from competitors.

Even so, I decided to treat the concern expressed about number of tickets closed as genuine.  But things quickly became farcical.  I had performance improvements, which could help a number of customers who were just being given an unverifiable explanation, and then told to reboot.

What is Jennyfer Phan’s Connection to SelectQuote?

Jennyfer Phan

Jennyfer Phan

Her determination to remove me revealed Jennyfer Phan as the perpetrator of the invasion of my home.  Yet little motive is apparent.  At this point she appears to be punishing me for saving my own child, taking me to task for my failure to kill Michelle Tan.

Perhaps the troubles at SelectQuote started when, unbeknownst to me, this woman began breaking into my place.  If she were caught, and blew it off like she was there for me, it’d explain a lot.  She would not yet have been eighteen, after all.  I’m not sure of the exact route back to SelectQuote, but one of Michelle’s friends was named Phan Ta.  No resembelence to Jen, but maybe Phans stick together since it seems like everyone from Vietnam is named Nguyen.

In that case, if Phan Ta were talking about killing my daughter at work, it is plausible Michelle Tan simply covered for her.  Not that I blame Michelle any less, she accepted the blame when she didn’t tell me who said it.

It’s obvious drugs were claimed to have been involved, due to comments from my Director, and actions of the police.  If you’re breaking in uninvited, it is easy to frame someone for something like this, however.  Rather trivial compared to claiming that I’m screwing underage girls in any case.

I clearly was short of paranoia and alertness, and gave others too much credit during this time.  Probably should have been prescribed stimulants of some sort.  Maybe they thought I was using downers?

If we pump men in the prime of their live up with stimulants to kill someone they don’t know 7000 miles away, it is hard to see how anyone could have taken me to task for many types of drugs.  If they even believed it in the first place.  I mean, if there were any, she obviously brought them herself.  (To all the young adults reading, don’t even drink coffee.  They took ephedrine away, they could take caffeine away right when you need it.)

Jennyfer Phan is the Woman Behind the Break-Ins

Today CollabNet and myself parted ways.  On the plus side, I now know the identity of the woman who was breaking into my place in 2010 when my daughter’s life was threatened.  This would have made her a minor, so I now know how my enemies were able to ruin my life with disinformation, even though it meant they were harming a toddler in so doing.

They lead others to believe my separation from my wife was due to statutory rape.  As Jen is making incriminating photos private or otherwise removing them as we speak, I am making this rushed post.  Below is Jen’s view from the NBA Finals on her date with my boss, Richard Moon.  Not an easy ticket to get, I’d imagine.


Jen hunted me down, starting work at CollabNet almost one year ago.  She immediately started moving in on nearly all of the middle-aged (or older) married men.  I noticed that I was being left out, but I’m paid to work, not sleep with 23 year olds.  One month ago, CollabNet began creating a paper trail to remove me.

I’ll go into detail in another post as to why we know my performance was a very minor factor in this termination.  There is evidence that this is the way the business was going, to put my whole team in India.  They’ve now accomplished that, despite the questionable legality of having TSA and federal customers worked on by Indians in India.  Jen ensured that no level of performance could save me, however.  Under those conditions, my performance did suffer, but it was still necessary to sabotage me during the creation of  the paper trail.

The Random Harlot Theory

Update: It appears the badge bunny found me, and is trying to cover-up her misdeeds by forcing me out of the area!

In my last post, I pointed out that the behavior of local cops, some of them in the San Francisco Police Department, raised additional possibilities as to who the woman that broke into my place was.  The scandal involving Celeste Guap, demonstrates that a number of cops are willing to sleep with a prostitute, even one who was underage, or who had already caused trouble for a fellow officer.

Badge Bunny

Badge Bunny

My landlord wanted me to speak to his lawyer when I reported someone broke in using keys, if he knew nothing about the matter, he wouldn’t have known that he needed a lawyer.  He might have been willing to give a copy of my keys to the police.  Even if not, I do believe that the police had access to my wife’s keys for long enough to make a copy.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the odd details I bring up could have merely been coincidental.  That is why I’m reporting this as a theory.  Something out of the ordinary happened.  A strange woman had keys to my apartment, knew exactly when she might get away with such intrusion, and the police were protecting her.  If she were later caught, and played it off like I knew she was in there, it would’ve caused me trouble.

For now, I’ll just bring up how well this theory describes some of the effects I’ve noticed.  I can leave my reasoning for another time as to why she was more likely similar to Guap and not a random thief.  I do believe that she was college aged, thank God for that. Update: She was underage, which completely ruined me.

I’m basing my age guesstimate on a few factors.  First number of people came up to me to strike up a conversation at a nightclub I had started frequenting once my wife and I were separated.   They were not regulars, were young for the crowd, and seemed to have a little (slightly wrong) information about me.  There were some other instances of people in that age group, which I don’t normally interact with, paying more attention to me than I warranted, but nothing as concrete.

A college aged woman would have been young enough to raise eyebrows, especially in the female dominated areas of the government which have given me the most trouble.  What’s more, this would make my estranged wife a more tragic, wronged, figure in the eyes of many women.  If this mystery woman were in fact a call girl, these effects would be greater, and I’d probably be getting scorn from men as well.

Shooting in Practice

There is much advice about shooting out there, but none of it can beat time at the range.  I just purchased my first firearm, though I’ve shot a few over the years.  I was pleasantly surprised with how my Mossberg 12 gauge handled when I took it out to the range.

First off, a semi-automatic action makes a huge difference in a shotgun.  I’d shot trap with a few 12 gauge pumps, and had pretty bad bruising afterwards.  This was while wearing winter coats as well.  I was not bruised at all after putting 25 shells through my 930.  It felt much like a large man was shoving me, whereas with the pump shotguns, it was like a large man was hitting me.


15 shells of 9 pellet 00 buckshot

Second, I’m happy that I decided to get a barrel with a choke.  Much praise has been written about Federal’s FliteControl wad, and how well it keeps shot together.  Due to range rules, I was unable to test a long distance, but at short range a Modified choke kept all the buckshot on the target.  The majority of it was going through the same holes in the paper, in fact.  135 pellets were fired on this target, both Winchester Super X and Federal non FliteControl loads.  This is important, if you want to be able to use a little bit cheaper ammo.

I was a little disappointed with the fiber optic front bead.  Bow fiber optic sights are much brighter, because they use long strands to collect light for the small portion that is actually in the sight.  I guess people decided shotgunners don’t want brightly colored strands hanging from their gun.


I just went through the California firearms check.  I was on tenterhooks, because disinformation had been used to mess up my background check for work.  Either clearing that up fixed disinformation in government databases, too, or they are harder to fool to begin with.

With the Oakland police sex scandal spreading to the SFPD, we should wonder if the unidentified woman who was breaking into my place was just some random prostitute.  Maybe that’s how the police do it on this side of the bay, have the call girl scout out a nearby place that isn’t associated with either of them.  After all, later that year they started breaking in to peoples’ homes and stealing stuff.

A young hooker talking smack because I screwed up her law enforcement lovin’ would certainly have far reaching effects.  Some dude working in the SelectQuote mailroom tried to sell me on a seedy massage parlor once, I think there are plausible routes for this sort of rumor to find its way back to my workplace at the time.  Obviously I need to provide my own deterrent.

Michelle Tan Disambiguation

I’ve tried to be clear on which Michelle Tan to which I am referring.  Previously, I used Google to determine who might be confused with Michelle Min Tan.  A number of years before threatening to kill my daughter, Michelle Tan herself encouraged such confusion offline.

Before her move to Pleasanton, Michelle lived in San Pablo.  On the rare occasions a bunch of people in our group were taking BART together, she would claim to live in Fremont, and board those trains, heading the wrong direction.  I never cared, and thought maybe she didn’t feel San Pablo was a prestigious zip code.

Looking back, it does seem like she was trying to misdirect people who might want to find her.  There used to be another Michelle Tan in Fremont, so that could have been effective.  Sort of like if I convinced people that I lived in Ukiah, so that stalkers would go get beat down by the MMA fighter Tom Dunham.

Perhaps whatever allows Michelle Tan and Jong Lee to own 4 bay area homes gets them some enemies.  If there are a number of people looking for her, I’d hate for them to get lost.  I don’t want to shirk, but if she isn’t currently a threat, hunter down risks putting my family in a bad spot.